We’ve lost another good one

One of the early blogs that I very much enjoyed was The Rittenhouse Review, a Philly blog which I discovered shortly after leaving Philadelphia. It had gone quiet a while ago, rather mysteriously — it’s another of those odd things about this medium that there can be so few signs of what’s going on in real life from what we see online — but sadly, we now learn that the author, Jim Capozzola has died after a long illness.


  1. pablo says

    So sad. His was one of the first blogs i got into. I know he was having trouble making ends meet but i didn’t know about his illness. I stopped checking in when his posting became sporadic. I just assumed he had lost interest.

    I hope someone is caring for Mildred.

  2. says

    without jim’s encouragement and emails and support on his blogroll i wouldn’t be blogging today.

    i had no idea he was sick, and i’m incredibly saddened to hear of his passing.

    he was a true gentleman.

  3. says

    First Steve, now Jim. How sad.

    I had no idea he was sick either, although I was wondering about his absence from blogging. Condolences to his family and friends.