1. says

    Man, I wish I was in Seattle. I’d just love to try out my impersonation of a rabid Christian. I could stand a few feet from your table and start reading inane bible passages, ranting and raving about how you would burn in a lake of fire, etc.

    Seriously though, have fun in Seattle. It is a great town.

  2. bernarda says

    When you get back to the big “M”, you might like to see what some students there are doing. “Those Awful Canadians”.

    You can forward it to your Canadian friends.

  3. Steviepinhead says

    I probably won’t be able to make it tonight, darn it–we’re having friends over for salmon (of course!) dinner–but I’ll make sure the rest of the Seattle chapter of After the Bar Closes is in possession of the details.

    Have a great time, PZ–maybe I can sneak off to the Friday event, though my recollection is that it’s a bit further afield…

  4. says

    Oh, cool! It will be a great pleasure to meet you.

    I’d wondered whether we’d have a good-sized crowd tonight, what with it being erev Independence Day, but your presence (oh, and that little event in the other Washington yesterday) will definitely raise the interest of a lot of us Seattle DLers.

  5. CCP says

    L.A., where all people of good heart belong

    Does Not Compute.
    (and I lived 12 years in Venice)

  6. Peter says

    Won’t be in Seattle until late July, which is a shame because I had some proof to show you about the world being 6,000 years old.

    Just kidding, well about the creationist part, I’m totally going to miss you in Seattle. I was very probably only going to say “thank you”, maybe politely request that you sign my copy of God’s Delusion and then slink away to let you enjoy your trip.

    I’ll say thank you anyway though, I love reading this lil’ blog.

  7. HCN says

    I will sit on my deck drinking mojitos and frozen daiquiries (spousal unit bought limes at Costco, so I am making several batches of daiquiries for the freezer) and wave at your general direction from across Union Bay.

  8. Mike Kinsella says

    Damn, if I didn’t have to run a neighbor to the airport for a primatology conference, I would have had the chance to finally meet you. The Montlake Alehouse is just down the street! We did both attend the same graduate program, although you came along a couple of years later. You even published with one of my old drinking buddies, according to PubMed. Maybe next time! But best wishes while you’re here- have a great visit.