Cephalopodmas miscellany

Well, if we can’t find the new Architeuthis video, we can at least enjoy a little Cephalopodmas carol, Squid and Whale.

If you’d like something more traditional, here are the lyrics for the Twelve Days of Cephalopodmas. You already know the music.

Lastly, should you really want to get into the festive spirit of the holiday, here are some photos of a whale necropsy. Warning: there is blood, there are guts. How much? Well, they used a large backhoe as a retractor.


  1. DavidP says

    I just read the words ‘whale necropsy’ and ‘backhoe’ and knew it had to be Steve O’Shea. Nice photos.
    I don’t if he has any photos posted from November 2003 when 12 sperm whales stranded in one go on the west coast of Auckland, New Zealand, but they would be pretty impressive.