1. says

    I guess nobody but me notices that a gender boundary was broken here…

    Men aren’t “supposed to” zagreet! (That “la-la-la” ululation.) Go Carel!

    Now drop the Islam and just move your hips, man.

  2. quork says

    Bookslut lives up to its name

    Francis S. Collins has written with humanity, with respect, and most importantly, with depth and accessibility. It matters not a whit whether I, or other readers, agree with him on every point; what matters is the intelligence and nuance at work here.

  3. bernarda says

    Here is another Even Stevphen on the Iraq War. What is interesting is that they question whether there are WMD’s in Iraq–two days before the war.

  4. Carlie says

    Yes, “two days before the war”…. better check your satire meter, I think it may be broken. )Understandably, because they do a good job of it.)
    Actually, I saw that one yesterday (this post had me searching for more oldie and goodies) and the sideburns on Carrell look awfully like those in recently posted photographs of a developmental biologist we know.