I would be a faboo interior decorator, I’m sure


Oooh, I love this idea: art prints on a plastic adhesive that you just stick on the wall. They’ve got squid art! Unfortunately, they’ve also got a hefty price, and doubly unfortunately, my wife has this annoying thing called “taste” which precludes me slapping squid up everywhere in my house.

(via the aptly named Squid)


  1. Scott Little says

    Ah well, since you obviously have no taste, there’s always the wall of your office!

    Personally I like it, but there are too many beaks in this image.

  2. Mena says

    It’s interesting but yeah, there is that taste thing. Now if you were thinking about installing huge screens on three of your walls so that you could run the Burgess Shale video that the Field Museum has in their exhibit I would be cheering you on. ;^)