You do want some letters after your name, don’t you?

The Friends of Charles Darwin website update I mentioned yesterday is complete (I toasted it with a latte instead of a whiskey, I’m afraid). You do know that if you join, you are then entitled to put an official “FCD” after your name, which looks very distinguished and high-falutin’ (I just refrain because I’m shy about bragging about my honors.) The FCD requires just about as much work and more intelligence than the Ph.D. that Kent Hovind has after his name, so it’s worth going for.


  1. clvrmnky says

    “Error: We are experiencing technical problems processing your membership application. Please try again later. Apologies for the inconvenience.”

  2. somnilista, FCD says

    I am not shy. I am an FCD, and was one before PZ even. You have permission to kiss my feet.

  3. BruceH says

    Aargh! The registration be experiencin’ techincal difficulties, matey. I’ll havta try again later.

    – Rev. Capt. BruceH of the First Church of FSM

  4. says

    I put ICAR after my name, and nobody has ever challenged it. But I worked hard for that piece of fruit salad. I did, indeed, climb Ayer’s Rock.

  5. says

    I am getting inundated with membership applications, thanks. Having FCD after your name apparently has more kudos than I realised.

    Apologies for the occasional ‘technical problems’ mentioned above – they probably occur if you try to join while I am updating the membership list. Please try again in a few minutes.

  6. somnilista, FCD says

    The country by country breakdown is interesting. Charlie currently has more friends in the USA than in England.

  7. fyreflye says

    With all those Brits on the list where is Dawkins? He, Shermer and Dennett were certainly eager enough to sign up as “Brights.”

    -J W Thomas, FCD.

  8. stogoe says

    I, too, didn’t have any whisky last night. I plum forgot. But I did have some nice Bordeaux.

  9. Dustin says

    Heh, I’m game. Trying to get the letters PhD after my name has been an ulcer and apnea generating experience.

    FCD will come at less expense to my health and personal life, not to mention my savings account.