Eeek! Pretty, but with morbid implications


I won’t post this lovely print directly, since it might not be safe for work—not because it shows breasts, but because if any of your passing colleagues know anything about molluscan anatomy, they’ll realize that that cephalopod is gnawing on her head and be horrified.

(hat tip to Leslie Madsen-Brooks)


  1. says

    didn’t seem to bother that kid from fat albert (ok, i know that was just a hat, but as a i kid i was always convinced he was wearing some sort of octopus), or davy jones in the latest pirates movie. cephalopod headgear: hot trend for the fall?

  2. Russell says

    There are two things I remember about dissecting squids, in my undergraduate invertebrate zoology course. First, their major nerves are so unbelievably big that even the klutzes in the lab could expose them just fine. That included some of the graduate bio students who didn’t seem particularly comfortable with scalpel. Second, their beak anatomy was pretty damn impressive.

    But really, PZ. Sometimes a hat is just a hat. ;-)

  3. quork says

    Sometimes a hat is just a hat.

    Or perhaps that woman is engaged in a sex act with that cephalopod.

  4. Azkyroth says

    An interesting variation of the “tentacled being attacking naked human female” theme. I wonder if this one will catch on in Japan…