1. thwaite says

    For those in the Bay Area: it’s this weekend!

    And from the web site:

    At the center of everything is the Berkeley Kite Wranglers’ trademark “Octopile.” With nearly 30,000 square feet of giant show kites in their collection, the Wranglers are the premier giant creature kite team on the planet. Upon seeing their Octopile, you’ll become a believer.
    The Octopile flies in perfect formation as if it knew it were part of the team. With all those tentacles waving rhythmically in the air, the Octopile takes on a life of its own. One or two giant Octopi kites are a sight, but when the Wranglers assemble an Octopile of nine, ten or even more, it becomes a wondrously vibrant spectacle you have to see to believe. And once you see it, you will never forget it.

    Pics of special interest from 2003’s festival include #6, 13 and 19.

  2. Scott Hatfield says

    Fortunately for me, many of MY creationist-squirrel half-breeds are FLYING squirrels.

    Too bad the creationist part itself never flies.


  3. says

    Sure, I send PZ a picture of an Octopus Kite from a Bodega Bay outfit, but it takes an army of Octupoid kites in the SF Bay to get noticed.

    Actually, An attack from flying octopi would look awesome. Target: Disco Institute. Onward Pharynguloids!

  4. Tara Mobley says

    Oh, yeah. The kite festival. I’d almost forgotten. I thought the area in that picture looked familiar.

  5. BlueIndependent says

    That almost looks like something out of War Of The Worlds. That is a very funny Sunday monting sight.