Debating the Trans Question

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  1. says

    In my ideal world, being transgender would be no more significant than preferring anchovies on pizza. Can you imagine anyone getting bothered enough to *murder* people over their taste in pizzas toppings? Me, neither. Alas, we do not live in that sort of world.

  2. Tethys says

    Ta gueule is a lovely French way to say shut your disgusting mouth, as gueule generally refers to animals, not people.

    I realize it’s satirical, but I don’t think Jesus would have spent time spewing hate about transgender people.

  3. says

    At the bottom it says “Read the full conversation on Twitter.” Like, what else could there be? “Context?” A longer version of the same thing?

  4. lochaber says

    shortly after I started my current job, one of the friendly, chatty old-timers approached me, and started talking about how we have to be “nice” to people who are “confused” and want to change their name and pronouns and what not. Being pretty new and all, I wasn’t at all comfortable with raising a ruckus or whatever, and just responded with something along the lines of “eh, whatever, it’s no skin off my back how to address them.”

    Probably didn’t make a difference, but at least they didn’t attempt to commiserate about the trans tyranny or whatever with me.

    In other news, on my bicycle commute home, I got passed by one of those car/pickup hybrids, and out of the corner of my eye, I noticed they had some giant flags in the back.
    Fully expecting it to be the (locally) rare magat or similar, I looked up, and was pleasantly surprised to notice they were a pair of LGBT pride flags, and they had a vanity plate: “TRANS UWU”

    So, that was a pleasant surprise. 🙂

  5. moonslicer says

    Yes, it’s one thing our enemies refuse to understand: opposition to our freedom makes our lives miserable for no good reason. They apparently don’t ask themselves the question, is it justifiable to ruin someone’s life simply because you don’t like them? They don’t worry about that bit. They dislike us so much that they’re going to do what they want to do.

  6. says

    That was great!
    Another wonderful bit of French is “je m’en fous” – literally, “I stuff myself” but interpreted more as we in the US might say “shove it.”

  7. says

    The other day I actually encountered someone who said (with straight face) that if kids identify as a cat, the school district has to bring in a litter-box for them. I said, “no, but that would be courtesy.” But, what a load of bullshit.

    If I identify as an Abrams Tank can I dictate terms to the school board?

  8. says

    Marcus: So they’re saying “IF” now? I guess we can take that as an admission that at least some of those bigots know their litter-box story is bullshit.

  9. Matthew C says

    The transgender thing doesn’t make sense to me, but I’m also someone who dresses in simple clothing and doesn’t bother to comb my hair. If I were born a girl, I probably wouldn’t conform to the gender stereotype of wearing makeup.

    What does being transgender accomplish anyway? You look different. I guess your friends and family and people you date might care about that. Do you look at yourself in the mirror that often?

    I can’t tell what gender I am right now, because I’m wearing clothing and there’s no mirror around. I have no sense of internal gender. I just figure I’m a biological male, so if the situation ever arises at some point in the future I should probably engage in stereotypical masculine behavior to the best of my ability.

  10. says

    I just figure I’m a biological male, so if the situation ever arises at some point in the future I should probably engage in stereotypical masculine behavior to the best of my ability.

    That seems an odd thing to say. You don’t have to conform to stereotypes. Yes, there are often costs, but those costs are far less now than they once were. They’re in the range now where instead of assuming you should act stereotypically, it’s worth it for most folks to consider each behaviour separately and conform if either you feel like doing so or if the consequences are too great, but most don’t conform without testing the boundaries anymore. At least not in the USA.

  11. says

    “What does being transgender accomplish anyway?” That’s a really weird and silly question. What does being anything ever “accomplish?” What does being Scottish/Ulster-Irish by ancestry “accomplish? What does being whoever/whatever you are “accomplish?”

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