Quality of TERF-Adjacent Discourse

If you’re curious about the quality of the comments I do not let through, well, know that as a minnow in the giant blogging ocean, I don’t get too many bad ones. (Save for last summer when blogging about Portland. Hoo, boy! Got an increase in douchegabbers that month.)

Still, once a month or so, I get comments like this from an asshat who named his commenting account “robert paulson“:

tired of all the faggotry goin on these days

This character may not have a lot going on upstairs, but don’t worry. They immediately created a sock puppet account using another throw-away e-mail address using the creative name “robert paulson“. Having created another account (both e-mails used were seemingly random combinations of the letters a, s, and g, with d added to the mix for the second one), the proposed some more serious contributions to FtB discourse:

I think of so-called trans women as men, too. and always will. I dont care if that is perceived as violence, either .
that is your inference. . a he is a he.
a side note- i see “trans women” as just another name for “fag”-

At least our robert paulson was reading Pervert Justice and understood our common themes to include definitions and distinctions useful to the social communication necessary to creating a better world…

people will always have some group to look down on- are you libs going to get involved with that too? or just something that afflicts yourselves.

…or maybe not. Had dear robert paulson actually read anything here on FtB it would have been impossible to miss the many occasions in which we here speak out on efforts to improve the lives of groups of people that do not include the speaker/ author. Sad!

But that second message was actually quoted starting a couple sentences in. What really got me was how he took pains to identify himself as an ally of the TERF quoted in the BBC article that GG linked to a couple threads back. I just thought it would be good information for those lesbian TERFs to know exactly how supportive their fellow travelers are in their efforts to live their best, queer lives.

I give you robert paulson, the best argument against queer women’s TERFism for which any advocate could ask.

In case you’re wondering about the part of the world from which robert paulson hails, well, I wouldn’t give out rp’s address even if I new it, but it might be useful to know that rp is using a Minnesota-based ISP. So this isn’t another example of UK idiots agreeing with the BBC article’s frame. No, this is USDA Grade A, home grown, hate-fed misanthropy. Makes one proud to be an American, doesn’t it?


  1. StonedRanger says

    I am sorry you or anyone would have to put up with this shit. I wish I had an answer to it but I dont. I can only try to treat all people as if they are people who deserve to be treated well. I live in portland and I have to hear this crap all too often.

  2. kestrel says

    Clearly this person is jealous and thinks you are doing a great and effective job at advocacy, otherwise they wouldn’t bother. Why be jealous of someone who is incompetent and not able to do their job? No point in it at all.

  3. says

    Why be jealous of someone who is incompetent and not able to do their job? No point in it at all.

    Actually, you’d want to encourage them – they’re doing more damage to “their” side than anything else.
    Failure: sometimes your role is to serve as an example to others.

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