Gender News: Cis people are insane, refuse help

FURTHER UPDATE: No casualties have yet been reported due to a dangerous explosion engineered by deranged cissexual people completely obsessed with gender. The advocacy group the Continental Trans* Congress will gather again on Friday to discuss what emergency measures might lessen the cis obsession with gender and hasten the transition to a less violent, more sane world. Critics responded to announcement of the previously unscheduled meeting by calling the CTC a group of “nanny-state, cancel-culture pedophiles and rapists who wish to end all women’s sports”.



  1. Katydid says

    This trend that blew in the past decade just leaves me shaking my head. I’ve been invited to several of these parties now and it always squicks me out because I have zero interest in the configuration of some random co-worker’s baby’s genitals.

    I suppose this is part of the narcissistic trend of The Showstopper Prom Proposal followed by the over-the-top Showstopper Wedding Proposal followed by the Showstopper Multiple Bridal Showers in Various Tourist Destinations followed by the Showstopper Wedding in Exotic Locale (you’re not invited, silly, just fork over $5k so the happy couple can whoop it up grander than a royal wedding!) and the Showstopper Housewarming Party (in case any of their wishes were forgotten by the wedding hostages), and then of course, the Showstopper Baby Gender Creepiness.

  2. Numenaster, whose eyes are up here says

    Katydid, you nailed it.

    Enough Showstopper Personal Moments, people! The show must go on!

  3. Tethys says

    It is bizarre that people have these parties. Tannerite? Um, isn’t that a highly regulated explosive? I hope there is a hefty fine imposed for the massively entitled fools who built a **bomb** for their party.

    The advocacy group the Continental Trans* Congress

    😀 Bravo!

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