More Geek Than



Foot on the dancepad
Gunnin’ down BigBad
Playin arcade ports with a spacebar and trackpad
My hobbies aren’t hobbies
Galaxy of blue milk
Cosplay and comics and fanfics and filk
To the orbiting station
That’s no moon it’s a holodeck vacation

Itchy trigger finger
But i’m trusting the force
kill the targeting computer
I’m aiming for the ports
I’m past the future
It’s no two thousand and one
Mini robot with an app gonna get me done
While you’re at the bottom of the gravity well
Geeky Girls fly Alcubierre


Another game
addicted brain
this level’s driving me insane
Another bot
Another mod
A photoshop of General Zod

This update is shaky
The programmers are nuts
Cuz they’re drinking free caffeine with no healthcare until they bust

never-ending overtime
you code around the clock
you won’t make it seven years
til YOU run amok

Devs are burning through programmers like we’re running out of style
CEOs are getting paid
So it’s worth THEIR while

The fans are throwing fits on all official fora
Cuz the game just calls it quits or says Talas is from Andorra
The Rabid Puppies riot, say the Hugo’s in the tank
But NK Jemisin is laughin to the bank


More. Geek. Than Fortran.
More. Geek. Than Fortran.

Ain’t seen the stars since we went to warp
Been so long, now Tasha Yar is Worf!

Programmed my own enhancements
in C + +
but a bug is overflowin’
the data bus
like untested nested code
I’m very unstable
I repeat things line by line until I’m unable
I repeat things line by line until I’m unable
If report then else next line until I drop tables

Step off Borg
Get out of my way
Got my Raspberry Pi from NewEgg today!
Waking up
Before I get to sleep
‘Cause Imma soldering circuits eight days a week!


More. Geek. Then Fortran!
More. Geek. Then Fortran!
More. Geek. Then Fortran!
More. Geek. Then Fortran!

More. Geek. Than Fortnite.
More. Geek. Than Tetris.
More. Geek. Than Zelda.
More. Geek. Than Unix.

More. Geek. Then Fortran!