Plausible Theory Wednesday: Donald Trump Sent Bombs To Political Enemies

I feel compelled to note that evidence has not yet ruled out the theory that Trump ordered close family members to send bombs to prominent elected democrats, democratic fundraisers, and media outlets Trump considers unfriendly. The theory that Trump did so in order to assassinate political opponents and usher in a permanent Presidential revolution must be the subject of investigation.

If we cannot rule this out, that would say horrible things about Trump, his family, his followers, and his party, and their willingness to do anything to win elections. Finally, we cannot yet rule out that Soros has given millions of dollars to democratic candidates and causes over the years in order to gain a reputation as a liberal specifically so that as a secret extreme right wing nut job, he could send a bomb to himself, attempting to discredit the left while actually doing so because he was always in deep collusion with John Roberts, Mitch McConnell and Donald Trump to destroy for good the Democratic party as a political force in the US. Those sneaky, backstabbing conservatives!

Trump: a source of endless evil. And bombs. Allegedly.



  1. Callinectes says

    An alternative I’ve heard from the usual “sources” is that it’s a false-flag Democrat operation designed to discredit conservatives.

    Obviously the only way to tell is by whether the addresses on the packages are spelled correctly.

  2. ridana says

    I kinda favor the Trump theory. He’s been way more outraged by the pathetic bungling of the Saudi cover-up than by the actual murder. He’s been openly saying basically, “Fine, kill your political enemies, but for God’s sake, have a plan and a believable alibi! Look at the situation you’ve put me in, ya morans. Do better next time.”

  3. suttkus says

    Donald Trump recently declared that while there’s no evidence for his mythical Middle Easterners in the dreaded “caravan”, they might be there, we just don’t know! So, clearly, he agrees with the logic of this post.

    But we do actually have some evidence that it’s Trump. Whoever sent the bombs is bad at spelling and a fan of Larry the Cable Guy. Thus, Trump matches the profile by at least 50%. Does anyone know his stance on terrible comedians?

  4. says

    I feel compelled to note that evidence has not yet ruled out the theory that Trump ordered close family members to send bombs

    You mean, actual hand-work?
    I suspect most of the Trump family don’t know what electrical tape is.

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