An Unholy Pit of Horrors Coughs Up Something Amazing [Ed: Updated Link!]

I am not on Facebook. I believe the company is pretty horrible with their disrespect for their own users. yet there’s something called “Facebook Watch” which apparently funds the creation of videos. This is the first one I’ve ever come across and it is AMAZEBALLZ.

You’ll have to watch it at Kiss Cartoon or on Facebook, if you do that kind of thing (I won’t judge), but if this is your first experience with the cartoon Human, Kind Of, race back here and tell me what you thought. Won’t that make a nice distraction from the Kavanaughcalypse? Of course it would. Go watch it right now.

Each episode is only 5 or 6 minutes. There are only 6 eps available at Kiss Cartoon, and only 6 listed at Wikipedia, but IMDB says that the first season (which started this month) is 21 episodes long, so it looks like this is a slow-rollout like a network show, rather than a mass upload like a Netflix series. So it looks like we’ll get to look forward to drips of deliciousness for months to come. Ah, Facebook, you have gone and made me so conflicted that now I’m thinking about … pirating all your content, stealing all your profits, and funding awesome shows like this without the attached evil.

What. Have You. Done!?!

Update: I changed the link to a youtube link found by ridana. Turns out that my adblockers made me fail to notice that kiss cartoon is a riot of pop up ads. Hopefully that will be a much friendlier link for folks!


  1. says

    WOW that’s a lot of obnoxious marketing and demanding to whitelist for ads!

    Yeah no. Recommend against visiting that site. Blackmailing visitors to allow potentially dangerous ads is not okay.

  2. ridana says

    Even after I accepted its dozens of tracking cookies to get past cloudflare, and turned off adblock, the video wouldn’t load anyway. Facebook videos don’t play for me on Facebook either, since I don’t have Facebook. Is Kiss Cartoon affiliated with KissAnime, the aggregator site for anime piracy?

    This episode at least, has been uploaded to YouTube, so that’s a user-friendly way to see it. Interestingly, there’s an oops in the middle that shows the interface, which seems to be Kim Cartoon for the user who pirated it.

    Anyway, it had some good jokes, but not really my cuppa, I think.

  3. John Morales says

    That was easy; I clicked on it (this time) and it just played; no ads.

    For me, meh. Absurdist comedy, plus I’m a bloke.

    (I liked the beginning of Oglaf better 😉 )

  4. Owlmirror says

    Watching it felt kinda familiar, and I finally realized why: It’s very much like Rick and Morty. Not the characters, but the universe. The fast pace; the snark; the cynicism; the morbid, transgressive, and crossing-the-border of sociopathy edginess.

    The IMDB notes no connection between Diana McCorry and Rick & Morty, so I dunno, maybe she’s just a fan, or naturally thinks in that style.

  5. says


    I’d have to look up Rick & Morty, I’m not familiar. Part of what sucked me in was the blood clot/menarche story line. I can’t tell you how much humor I’ve shared with other queer women about periods over the decades. Seeing something that we talk about so often, but that never gets represented in the media, was completely awesome. But yes, the style itself was something I enjoyed, so even with different topics I could maybe enjoy it a lot.

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