A Timely Rebuttal to St. Anselm

We are, of course, all familiar with the ontological arguments of St. Anselm, in which he uses the existence of something greater than whatever you’re currently thinking about to prove that there must be a single greatest thing, because no one thing is ever greatest because there’s always something greater. Or something. I’m told it logics quite a bit, actually.

As one result of an unfortunate encounter for Anselm, over at Chainsawsuit by Kris Straub I found Anselm’s argument unfortunately demolished by a dick: 

In this comic asking about the worst thing ever, one character supposes that having one's dick punched off must qualify. The other, however, replies that having two dicks punched off would be worse. Our Anselm then falls back on the presupposition of his god's existence.

Two Dicks

Specifically, we find the argument demolished by the demolishment of Anselm’s second, and given the Archbishop’s celibacy, redundantly redundant dick.


That’s gotta hurt.



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