The Lamentations of the Women

While PZ focuses on Roger Ailes’ death and the resignation of a truly partisan hypocrite (but I repeat myself), Jason Chaffetz, I have been reading about the end of another career.

The Daily Beast is reporting that

Representative Robert Fisher, the Republican who was recently unmasked as the creator and chief moderator of The Red Pill, one of the internet’s most notorious forums for misogyny, resigned on Wednesday [H/T WHTM]

To be clear: he wasn’t resigning from The Red Pill, he was resigning from his position as a state Representative in the New Hampshire House.

The “conservative” Fisher is the direct source of nauseating Misogyny in crushing quantities. But by founding The Red Bill, he created the most productive sexism-factory since /b/. That’s a lot to hold against someone. In his defense, he has asserted that not every misogynist thing offensive to any human being that can think which was published on Reddit’s The Red Pill was personally authored by him. It is what I would be happy to call the Ailes’ defense if Ailes had ever had enough shame to assert any defense whatsoever:

Sure, I published that book/newspaper & I owned that TV network where I paid people to act in outrageously offensive ways, and sure I profited from that, but you have to remember that merely being the owner, publisher & broadcaster of an outlet whose sole product is vile does not mean I agreed with every single vile thing that was said. Just most of them.

Of course, his fellow Republicans in the New Hampshire legislature took the high road:

It is unfortunate that the debate surrounding his actions while serving in the House have detracted from the good things that we have accomplished this session.  But I welcome his resignation for the good of the institution and I hope that we can now move forward with our important legislative agenda.

Thank you for your wisdom, House Speaker Shawn Jasper. That is exactly what was so unfortunate about Fisher’s actions and statements over the last decade: that after becoming publicly identified with a NH house republican, they interfered with the dynamics that would normally have heaped more praise on you and your fellow republicans that you received this term. It is terrifying that such injustices are possible in this world.

And yet, and yet… I still don’t seem to be hearing the lamentations of any women over this development. Hmm.



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