Self Care: Astronomy Picture(/News) of the Week – NASA Finds a New Solar System with 3 Habitable Planets

Okay okay… potentially habitable planets… the title was already long enough…

(Thanks to Rob Grigjanis for alerting me to this…)

Allowing for the fact that NASA is known for its sensationalism (routinely mocked, actually, by some astronomy podcasts I listen to, like Awesome Astronomy), this is actually really intriguing. From Vox

TRAPPIST-1 System... planets e, f, and g are the potentially habitable planets

TRAPPIST-1 System… planets e, f, and g are the potentially habitable planets

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Self Care – Great Guitar Solos: Led Zeppelin Plays Ten Years Gone

In honor of Physical Graffiti’s 42nd birthday (back on February 24th), here’s Ten Years Gone, an amazing song with an incredible guitar solo…

The solo starts at 2:29 and ends at 3:20. There’s another bridge, with a sort-of solo, that starts at 3:42 and ends at 4:07. There’s more lead guitar throughout the rest of the song from there, as well. The whole song is incredible.

This is just audio, so nothing to watch.


Self Care – Eddie Murphy’s Delirious: White People in Haunted Houses

Yet another comedian that needs the problematic disclaimer. But this makes me laugh so much because it is so true, and is a very good question…

Why the hell do white people insist on staying in a haunted house?

I’m with Eddie on this one… (assuming ghosts are real for the sake of argument) if I walk in to a house, and it turns out to be haunted, I’m out. I’ll sell it to you if you really want it, but I’ll find somewhere else, thanks.

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Self Care – Led Zeppelin’s Physical Graffiti is 42 Years Old Today

(Yup, a second Self Care post today. I did say this would happen sometimes…)

If you’re still unsure whether or not I’m a Zephead, you haven’t been reading my blog. Their music is everything to me.

On this day 42 years ago, Led Zeppelin’s Physical Graffiti was first released. I already listened to the entire album, twice, before posting this.

The album is an experience, frankly. And in honor of it, this Monday’s GGS post will be Ten Years Gone.

Feel free to seek out and listen to the whole thing.

A Note About the “Self Care” Series…

This really should be obvious at this point, but the series has basically become anything that’s positive or good news and not related to the administration (the only time it will be related is if I have good news to report about the 2018 midterm elections, although my hope for that is non-existent).

You may also start seeing it more than once a day sometimes.

There’s so much terrible shit coming from the government that I need to subset that with happy, feel-good, unrelated stuff as often as possible, so…

There will still be a continued Self Care post around noon; but you’ll probably see it more often on some days.