Self Care – Cute Baby Wolf Pups Go Outside For the First Time

Here are some adorable wolf pups:

I genuinely love wolves. I know they’re wild animals and can be dangerous, but they are also beautiful, majestic, and just genuinely wonderful…

Check out the Seacrest Wolf Preserve, too!


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    If you’re looking for videos of cute animals, can I suggest Kitten Academy? They take in foster kittens and pregnant momcats and raise them until they’re old enough to be adopted. “Graduation” is when they go to get spayed or neutered. They have a live stream available 24/7 on YouTube, as well as a website with pictures and updates. There’s a link to the live stream and other videos on their website.

    Their newest momcat, Angel, just gave birth to four kittens on Sunday. My latest obsession is watching the live stream whenever I can.

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