Dictator Drumpf Tried to Stop Yates from Testifying on Russia

They really… desperately… want to stop this whole Russia thing in it’s tracks, don’t they? Could it be because they know the election was illegitimate, and Agent Orange actually lost?

From the Washington Post

The Trump administration sought to block former acting attorney general Sally Yates from testifying in the House investigation of possible links between Russian officials and Donald Trump’s campaign, according to letters provided to The Washington Post. The effort to keep Yates from testifying has further angered Democrats, who have accused Republicans of trying to damage the inquiry.

According to the letters, the Justice Department notified Yates earlier this month that the administration considers her possible testimony — including on the ouster of former national security adviser Michael Flynn for his contacts with the Russian ambassador — to be off-limits in a congressional hearing because the topics are covered by attorney-client privilege or the presidential communication privilege.

The issue of Yates’s testimony adds to the political controversy surrounding the House Intelligence Committee’s investigation of Russian meddling in last year’s election and any possible coordination between Trump associates and Moscow.

They really are desperate. If it really is much to do about nothing, and the election was legitimate, then why do they care so much?

Sure, I may be grasping for the slightest sliver of hope, here, but they are protesting way too much for this to not be a thing.

My fingers are crossed that the investigation will prove that the election was rigged, and either it’s entirely illegitimate, bringing up the possibility of a do-over, or Hillary Clinton actually did win, and not just the popular vote, meaning the Fascist Occupiers will have to leave.


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    I don’t think it’ll matter. The establishment has accepted him as president, in spite of the rigged election (rigged by the electoral college and primary process) I don’t expect that any of them will give a shit above and beyond being mad that the other side won. Given the level of corruption that is regularly tolerated in American politics, I expect Trump actually could have shot someone right in Times Square and everyone would just fall all over the place making excuses.

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