Reparations Still Unpaid: August 20, 1619

August 20th marks the four hundredth anniversary of an appalling event: the first ship containing kidnapped people from Africa landed in Virginia on August 20, 1619.  It marked the beginning of the slave trade in the British Colonies and USA.

Project 1619 tells the history of events and the beginnings of the slave trade.  Anthony Hazard (Professor of History at Santa Clara University) produced this short TED-Ed video on the slave trade and its origins.  A more detailed history of the slave trade written by Hazard can be found here.

Despite attempts to say otherwise, christianity was used as rationalization for imprisonment, enslavement and other crimes of the slave trade.

Michelle Obama was telling the truth when she said, “I live in a house built by slaves.”  They did build that.

“That is the story of this country. The story that has brought me to the stage tonight. The story of generations of people who felt the lash of bondage, the shame of servitude, the sting of segregation, who kept on striving, and hoping, and doing what needed to be done. So that today,I wake up every morning in a house that was built by slaves. And I watch my daughters — two beautiful intelligent black young women — play with the dog on the White House lawn.”

– Michelle Obama, July 25, 2016

Below the fold are two more items from The Root.

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Two Faced: China whines about ‘defending freedom of its citizens’

The organ stealing, mass murdering illegitimate regime (OSMMIL) in Beijing is whining that their “citizens have been silenced by twitter and facebook”.

OSMMIL wants freedom of assembly language programmed bots, but opposes freedom of assemby in Hong Kong.

If you can get yourself banned from an extremist site like twitter, you know you’ve screwed up.  From the UPI link:

Facebook, Twitter remove Chinese accounts attacking Hong Kong protesters

Social media accounts originating in China and controlled by Chinese officials have been conducting a coordinated campaign to discredit and undermine pro-democracy protesters in Hong Kong as criminals, terrorists and thugs, the companies said, adding that many of the accounts possed as news organizations to spread their disinformation.  


Of the content shared, one post on Facebook compared protesters to Islamic State fighters while another called them “cockroach soldiers.”


“Overall, these accounts were deliberately and specifically attempting to sow political discord in Hong Kong, Including undermining the legitimacy and political positions of the protest movement on the ground,” Twitter said in a statement. “Based on our intensive investigations, we have reliable evidence to support that it is a coordinated state-backed operation.”

Too bad twitter doesn’t do the same about white-and-right twitter accounts at home.


Two Faced: China’s wants its own form of homogeneity

When the organ stealing, mass murdering dictatorship in Beijing talks about a “one china” policy, they aren’t talking about a land mass in Asia and certain islands around it.  They’re talking about the subjugation of all other nations, interfering with democracy and fair elections.  Homogeneity? Homo-genocide is more like it.

Within China, the regime is slowly and brutally committing genocide in East Turkestan to create more space for ethnic Chinese people.

Outside China,  they demand obedience from other countries and use violence when they don’t get their way.

Hong Kong protests: ‘I’m in Australia but I feel censored by Chinese students’

At the University of Queensland, the tensions spilled over into violent clashes last week, when a group staging a support rally for the Hong Kong demonstrators were confronted by pro-Beijing protesters.  […]  Videos posted online showed pro-China supporters ripping posters from the hands of opponents, prompting shoving and physical confrontations.

The regime takes the attitude that all ethnic Chinese people are “pandas” and belong to them.  And many are willing to work under false flags – even if they’re not ethnic Chinese.  The Taiwanese rightwing Kuomintang party is going through a wave of “populism”, barely choosing pro-china mouthpiece Han Kuo-yu as their candidate over Terry Gou (the now former-chairman and CEO of Foxconn).

A year ago, Democratic Progressive Party leader and Taiwanese president Tsai Ing-wen looked like a lame duck, finishing out her term.  Instead, she is looking like the only rational choice and is very likely to be re-elected – despite the mainland regime’s interference in Taiwanese media and elections.

Many Taiwanese – and the foreigners here who support an independent Taiwan – share the same message for them: If you want to live under the Chinese regime’s rule, move there.


Sneak Preview: Coming soon, to a theatre of war near me?

I would be lying if I said I’m not concerned about the spectre of invasion by the organ stealing, mass murdering dictatorship in Beijing.  But I also believe Beijing knows there’s only so much they can get away with, and the world is tiring of their antagonism and antics, bullying businesses, countries and even hollywood into compliance.  Most are too concerned about making money to show any spine and stand up to them.  (It was hilarious yesterday when it came out that Huawei – the regime’s official corporation – listed Taiwan as a country.)

The regime also knows that it can’t silence news the same way it did in 1989.  Images and video of the regime’s violence will continue to spread. The only way to silence the truth will be shutting off all communication going in and out – no phones, no internet period.  And even if they can, the truth will come out eventually – they murdered 10,000 people in 1989…unless other countries spinelessly do their bidding, as many are.

Click “read more” to see artwork that’s making the rounds in Taiwan this weekend.

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Music Rules: Nick Lowe turned 70 years old in March

Aged Reasoner is another Nick Lowe fan.  But since he didn’t mention this, I will:

Nick Lowe was born on March 26, 1949, turning 70 years old this year. His career as a recording artist spans five decades and many musical genres, with many hit songs and yet most couldn’t name him. The New York Times said in 2011, “The 40-year career of the English singer-songwriter Nick Lowe constitutes a paradox: the songs he has written are better known than he is.” Look below the fold for a selection of songs and stories about him.

Lowe first recorded with Brinley Schwarz in the 1970s before linking up with guitarists Dave Edmunds and Billy Bremner and drummer Terry Williams. After Rockpile ended, Lowe performed solo until forming Little Village (one of the “supergroups” of the late 1980s and early 1990s) with David Lindley, Ry Cooder and Jim Keltner. What a list of talent.

Lowe earned the nickname “Basher” for his work as a record producer, his oft repeated quote, “Bash it out now, let’s tart it up later.” Lowe produced Elvis Costello’s first five albums, as well as The Damned’s debut album (“Damned Damned Damned”), The Pretenders’s first single “Stop Your Sobbing”, Graham Parker’s “Howlin’ Wind”, and many others.

And then there’s Lowe’s songwriting to consider, writing classics such as “(What’s So Funny ‘Bout) Peace, Love, and Understanding”, one of Elvis Costello’s biggest hits, and “The Beast In Me” for his father in law, Johnny Cash on his 1994 “American Recordings” album. Lowe’s own recordings and success is numerous, if largely without his name (e.g. “So It Goes”, Stiff Records’s first ever single, “Cruel To Be Kind”, “Teacher Teacher”, “I Knew The Bride When She Used to Rock And Roll”, and many others).

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Left Handed: Bad science and bad attitudes are the problem, not the left hand

As I state in the first item I posted today, the bias against and forced hand switching of left handed children is the original “reparative therapy”, a form of emotional, physical and mental abuse.  If you’re against “reparative therapy” being imposed upon LGBTQIA people, why aren’t you against it being imposed upon left handed children? (And if you aren’t against “reparative therapy”, what’s wrong with you?)

Left handedness is natural and almost certainly genetic.  Even if it is not genetic and a matter of choice, how is it harmful to a child?  Violence and abuse are the harm.  Let kids be.

Below the fold are three sections.  The first is on good science and positive news items, enlightened minds and unbiased articles.  The second is on bad science, with some commentary from me.  The this are reports of abuses that left handed children are subjected to.

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Left Handed: August 13th is International Left Handers Day

Yes, it’s that time of year again, time to speak up for the one large minority that still has no voice.  While it is true that Left Handed People are unlikely to be murdered for their handedness (except in places where they still believe in and kill “witches”), it’s still a form of discrimination that society tolerates.

Yes, discrimination.  North America, Western Europe, and Australia/New Zealand may not openly discriminate or look down on being left handed, but the rest of the world still does.  It’s considered “rude”, “dirty”, “disrespectful” and other nonsense, and the abuse of forced hand switching still considered “acceptable”.

Yes, abused.  The bias against and forced hand switching of left handed children is the original “reparative therapy”, a form of emotional, physical and mental abuse.  If you’re against “reparative therapy” being imposed upon LGBTQIA people, why aren’t you against it being imposed upon left handed children?  (And if you aren’t against “reparative therapy”, what’s wrong with you?)

#leftiesrule  #internationallefthandersday

Below the fold are several sections on left handedness: resources, campaigns, information, groups, and others.  A second post will contain news and scientific articles with commentary.

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Let’s Backtrack: Tandy’s Model 100 portable computer came out in 1983

In 1983, Tandy produced the first widely used laptop computer, the Model 100.  The Epson HX-20 preceded it by two years, and luggable computers by a year, but the Model 100 was first lightweight portable (3.5 pounds) that was suitable for more than just data collection.  It was later followed by the superior Model 102 and finally the less liked Model 200. The series sold roughly six million units, one of the biggest selling computers, ever.

There is more below the fold.

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Copying Again: Jeffrey Epstein is the american Jimmy Savile

Jimmy Savile was the worst pedophile in British history.  He was not just a sexual predator and a sadist, he was a procurer, the organizer of pedophilia, providing access to children for other pedophiles.  And because of his “charity work”, high profile and connections to politicians and the “royal family”, he was protected by the media and the government, committing serial rape of children for almost 60 years.

Jeffrey Epstein oozed from the same mould, slime that orchestrated and participated in the organized serial rape of teenage girls.  Like Savile, Epstein was a procurer, the organizer of rape, providing access to children for others like himself.  And also like Savile, Epstein’s circle of friends (and often participants in crimes) protected him, enabled him to continue: politicians, business owners, scientists, and many others.

Below the fold are two documentaries on Savile.  Will one ever be made on Epstein that isn’t propaganda and whitewashing?

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Dead But Not Buried: Esptein’s suicide must NOT be used to protect others

As I’m sure you’ve heard by now, Jeffrey Epstein is dead.  Despite attempting suicide six days previously, he was take off suicide watch and put in a regular cell, not a suicide-proof cell.  Prisoners on suicide watch as supposed to be monitored until a psychological evalution is done.  That never happened.

This doesn’t happen by accident.  No, it doesn’t require a “conspiracy theory”, it only requires ineptitude, corruption and arrogance – the same sort that allowed for the abuses and murders of other people in New York jails.  And if there was any hypothetical outside interference, it wouldn’t require assassination or massive conspiracy.  It would only require one person telling the warden to move Epstein to a cell where he could kill himself.

Epstein escaped consequences at his first trial in large part due to his circle of friends, many of whom are alleged to be participants in his sex crimes against girls and women.  The list runs the gamut of the wealthy, powerful, and influential: business owners, politicians, lawyers, many different scientists, alleged intellectuals, and (not the least bit surprising) a member of the UK’s royal family, a group of criminals with connections to Jimmy Savile and his crimes (more about that in a later post).

With Epstein dead and a Department of inJustice under Cheetolini, there is the potential for abuse.  We might see either partisan prosecution (the republicans demanding that only democrats are targeted) or the investigation buried along with Epstein to prevent and protect any of Epstein’s friends from facing prosecution, just as they did for him in 2008.  There are many who want this to go away, for Epstein’s victims to be silenced and no case ever brought to trial.

This is a partial list of those who have been accused of participation in Epstein’s sex crimes or continued to defend him after his first conviction:

  • Marvin Minsky, AI pioneer, named by one of Epsteins’s victims as a participant in organized rape.
  • Lawrence Krauss, who left Arizona State University in disgrace after many sexual harassment accusations.
  • Alan Dershowitz defended Epstein during the 2015 trial.
  • Prince Andrew, member of the British “royal family”.
  • George Church, geneticist.
  • Murray Gellman, physicist, who refuses to return Epstein’s donations to Harvard.
  • Steven Pinker, psychologist.
  • Martin Nowak, mathematician.
  • Roger Schank, computer scientist.
  • Larry Summers, economist and sexist.
  • Leslie Wexner, victoria’s secret CEO.
  • Glenn Dubin, billionaire investor
  • An unnamed foreign prince
  • An unnamed foreign president
  • An unnamed foreign prime minister
  • An unnamed French hotelier

If any of these are incorrect, or there are other names involved, let me know and I will amend it.  These names are culled from the news items and sources linked above.

How (To) Appropriate: Cisgender Supremacist

Don’t you hate it when you think you’ve coined a phrase, but it turns out that others have been using it for years?  Regardless, I’ll be happy to run with it.

I decided on a replacement phrase for TERF and transphobe, since one is gender specific.  From now on, they’re Cisgender Supremacists, because they are as  rightwing as white supremacists, they associate with them, and they employ the same tactics.  It feels à propos for the inappropriate like them.


Weather Report: It’s been an interesting day.

I had a premature wake-up call this morning at 5:30, a 6.0 earthquake.  The epicentre was about 80km as the crow flies.  I’m from British Columbia, so earthquakes never bother me, but my fridge teetering and bouncing certainly did.  I had to hold it or it would have fallen over.  This quake had a lot more lateral movement than most that hit Taiwan.

Tonight we get a typhoon warning, the government closing classes and government offices on Friday.  Yay, an unplanned three day weekend.  Typhoon Lekima won’t hit with full force, but the rain and winds are already bad enough.  Last year the government stopped forcing people to work an extra Saturday to make up the lost day.  Yes, they used to do that and we didn’t have a choice.

Does this mean I’ll be staying home tomorrow?  Hell, no, a friend who works as a flight attendant is flying in tomorrow for a dinner with friends.   She comes in once every two months.  The day off means I have time to see her.

There was weird rain yesterday, the “plum rains”.  In the span of ten minutes it went from clear skies to torrential downpour and a centimetre of standing water.  Then within an hour it was clear again.

Dots Connected: How Cheetolini and Fox Nuisance incited the El Paso shooter

Brandon Friedman was regularly monitoring the rhetoric coming from the mouths of Der Duffer and Fox Nuisance.  After the El Paso shooting happened, he compared the “manifesto” of the shooter with the words that incited his violence.  Large amounts of Crusius’s diatribe are direct quotes of the Pestulence in Chief and his ministers of disinformation.

Here is a direct link to Friedman’s twitter page.

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Speak Out: Politico wants you to solve the US’s problems – in 100 words or less

Seriously, that’s what they’re asking the public, one hundred words or less.  (I say seriously because they have no intent of taking people’s comments seriously.)

How Would You Fix America’s Broken Politics?

We aren’t looking for diagnoses. We’re looking for cures. If the problem is that America is not democratic enough (or too democratic), how would you change that? If the problem is with the news media, or inequality, or information technology, or social mobility, or racial relations, or gender equality, or Wall Street, or our religious institutions, or how we raise our children, or something we haven’t identified, what’s a structural reform—to our government, our economy, our society—that would make things better? In particular, we’re looking for ideas that are daring, new and specific.

Submit your suggestion below—in 100 words or fewer—by August 16, and we’ll feature the best ones in our issue, launching in September.

It’s farcical, until you remember that you can write in point form.  Below are my first fifty-six words:

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