Rainbow Capitalism Sucks

Rainbow capitalism sucks.  It’s sickening to watch corporations wrap themselves in flags and pretend to “care” just to make a profit.  Some of them don’t even donate to LGBTQIA causes, they’re just pretending, slapping flags on their products in order to make money.

There are many companies that are frauds, openly giving millions to politicians who support hate and laws that deny rights to LGBTQIA people.  A fair number of companies that pretend to support LGBTQIA people in public actively discriminate against their employees.  The bigotry of scum like chick-fil-a and hobby lobby is akin to overt racists.  But at least you know what they are, they aren’t pretending to be something they’re not.



Because of this, sometimes humour is the best way to respond to it.



There are more pictures below the fold.



I hesistated to use this one for obvious reasons, but it does make the point.




  1. drken says

    I can see why you would be hesitant to post that last one, but I’ll always appreciate a good “They Live” reference. The OCP one got a smile out of me too.

  2. says

    “Rainbow capitalism” is arguably a good thing. If acceptance of gays is *so* widespread in the culture that rapacious, hyper-profit-focused economic entities conclude that pandering to gays is a good way to make money…

  3. avalus says

    Jim Stephanie Sterling did a piece on this as well last monday.
    Pretty disgusting … I mean capitalism as usual.