Slaughterhouse Five Exists: Greg Abattoir is making Texas into one

It’s clear that Texas governor Greg Abattoir wants Texas to be a slaughterhouse.  And he’s doing it in five ways:

Right now, he’s signing his new “guns everywhere, all the time” law.  No permits, no registration, and white people can carry guns openly and threateningly without restriction.  What are the odds racist cops will shoot Black people who carry (not use) guns, but not arrest racist whites who shoot Black people and other minorities “if they had a good reason” (e.g. “he was talking back to me”, transphobia and homophobia)?

He’s also signing an “anti-abortion bill” that will turn women’s bodies into state property, criminalize women for natural events like miscarriage.  As numerous feminists have noted, when the punishment for having an abortion is death but the punishment for rape is a few months, you know it’s a war on women.

In January, Abattoir knew there wasn’t enough natural gas to keep Texas’s electrical grid working.  He knew people would die by his inaction, his failure to acquire LNG from other sources.  He actively let it happen because he wanted the poor to die.

In 2020, Abattoir’s department of corruptions wasted US$1.1 million fighting a lawsuit filed by prisoners asking for soap, hand sanitizer and other materials to fight the spread of COVID-19 within prisons.  It would have cost less to buy the stuff than to fight the case.  And taxpayers will be footing the bill instead of Abattoir and the republicans, and countless prisoners will be killed by the state while “tough on crime” believers laugh.

And, of, course there’s the new whites-only and wealthy-only voting law that will ensure his re-election.  I’ll bet white trash will be carrying guns around voting booths to “discourage” anyone who isn’t one their own from voting.

As the saying goes, you can’t spell slaughter without laughter, and Greg Abattoir is laughing all the way to the voting booth.