It Follows

Keep this in mind:

Those who want to criminalize abortion also want to legalize the rape and violent assault of women.

They will inevitably try to take away voting rights, marriage equality, LGBTQIA protections, etc.  EVERYONE should be fighting this and supporting causes thatt don’t affect you.  As the US’s own “founding fathers” said, “hang together or hand separately”.

The white supremacist court’s threat to women (“hosts” as rightwing scum call them, instead of people) may not directly deny the right to abortion.  But by using the lie of “states rights”, fascist politicians can criminalize it within one state, then potentially “extend” it to apply in other states where abortion is legal.

Women who travel for abortions will be at risk.  Doctors who provide health care in one state could be arrested should they travel to a rightwing state that hates women.

The US could become a patchwork of bad laws, attempts to “extradict” doctors from one state to another.  And another republiclown “president” would allow it to be enforced, allow doctors to be sent to prison and killed by states under false charges.

XX people should not have to deny themselves the enjoyment of sex.  But there may come a point where refusing all penetrative sex may become a necessity solely out of self-preservation.   Then watch the red states get blue balls and try to legalize or rationalize partner and marital rape. Or all rape, as some in the repugnant party would like it to be (e.g. certain judges).


2025 is the year that white, rightwing boomers reach the average age of life expectancy.  They will begin to die by natural causes in the millions (*), and whites will gradually become a minority population.  It’s why the extremists are desperate to create a fascist apartheid state before that happens.

It cannot come soon enough.

(* US population: approx. 330 million, of which boomers are 21%.  Boomers range from 1946 to 1964, and average US life expectancy is 79 years.)