Putin Would Be Proud: Journalist Intimidation 101

It’s only a cover up if people know it was a cover up, right?

Alene Tchekmedyian reported for the Los Angeles Times about abuses perpetrated by the Los Angeles County sheriff’s office. Video showed that a cop was kneeling on the neck of a handcuffed man, and several other cops stood and watched. LA county sheriff Alex Villanueva and others saw the video, then helped cover up the crime.

What was Villanueva’s response to Tchekmedyian’s factual reporting? To open a campaign of intimidation and threats. . .I mean, an “investigation” targeting her. But not just Tchekmedyian, any journalist in the future who dares tell the truth about his office’s actions would be a target.  He sees journalism as the “enemy”.

This is the same LA County sheriff’s office which has eighteen gangs within its members, as another journalist reported in August 2021.  Would it surprise you to hear the corrupt cop is also an anti-vaxxer?

The LA sheriff is investigating a reporter who broke a story on a department cover-up

The Los Angeles County sheriff on Tuesday announced he was launching an investigation into a reporter behind an article detailing a cover-up of inmate abuse within the department.

During a news conference, Sheriff Alex Villanueva said he was investigating leaked materials, including a video published by the Los Angeles Times in an article by reporter Alene Tchekmedyian.

Tchekmedyian reported that sheriff’s department officials attempted to cover up an incident in which a deputy kneeled on a handcuffed inmate’s head for three minutes in March 2021.

[. . .]

On Monday, a sheriff’s commander reportedly filed a legal claim stating that Villanueva and other sheriff’s officials tried to cover up the 2021 incident, fearing bad publicity.

Villanueva had earlier claimed that he was unaware of the incident for eight months, but Tchekmedyian had reported that the head of the department not only viewed a video of the altercation five days after it occurred, but Villanueva allegedly led the effort to conceal any information about it from the public.

Tchekmedyian’s reporting featured security video footage of the incident, which showed several sheriffs standing around and watching as the restrained man was pinned to the floor.


  1. moarscienceplz says

    Yeah, we in Santa Clara county have lots of problems with our sheriff, too. We elected a female sheriff in hopes that she would be better than the dudes, but it hasn’t worked out. Her deputies have beaten people to death in our jails, and she has (allegedly) given concealed gun carry permits to people in exchange for political favors.