Can You Guess: What was his skin colour?

If I say to you, “a Florida man shot and killed a cop and was arrested after a five day manhunt”, I’m sure you can guess his skin tone.

At the propaganda conference, one of the cops talked tough, saying, “He crawled out like a baby. Like the coward that he is”.

Funny thing, that’s what I say about every cop that hides behind a badge and is protected by his department and union after murdering an innocent and unarmed Black person.

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Speaking of corrupt cops, a police chief in Thailand nicknamed “Joe Ferrari” has been arrested after video was discovered, where he and other cops tortured a man out of US$82,000.

Thai police chief Joe Ferrari had a garage full of luxury cars and a famous girlfriend. Then it all fell apart

When lawyer Sittra Biekamnerd received a Facebook message from a stranger, he could never have imagined it would kickstart a scandalous series of events that would grip Thailand and bring down a police chief. 

Clicking on that message led him to chilling security camera video of what appeared to show a suspect being tortured while in police custody.

He shared the video, and watched it quickly go viral.

In the days that followed, there would be six officers arrested, 29 expensive cars seized from a luxury estate, accusations of extortion and corruption, and a nationwide hunt for the cop said to be at the centre of it all: a police chief with the nickname “Joe Ferrari”.

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Jeerapong Thanapat, 24, who had been arrested on suspicion of selling methamphetamine pills, was allegedly suffocated to death while in police custody on August 4. 

Several plastic bags were put over his head during what Sittra Biekamnerd said his source told him was an attempt to extort $82,000. 

In the footage, Mr Jeerapong appears to have struggled and sobbed before going quiet. 

Then some of the officers can be seen trying to resuscitate him.

The local police chief, Colonel Thitisan Utthanaphon, 39, commonly known as ‘Joe Ferrari’ for his vast collection of expensive cars, is accused of being the main offender.

No doubt this is where he gets the money for his lavish lifestyle, which should have been a red flag long ago.

I guess I won’t be taking another vacation in Thailand after COVID-19 is under control.