Odds And Ends I Collected….

Miscellaneous thoughts on this week that don’t merit a full post unto themselves:

It was fifty years ago that the US’s national guard fired weapons without provocation or orders and murdered four Kent State students without ever facing consequences.  My gut tells me that the only cops who will face consequences for this week’s events are the ones who shot and killed four insurrectionists.  The cops who let them in will likely be promoted and protected.

It was interesting to hear rightwing mouthpiece Joe Scarborough flipping his lid in describing events.  I only watch news items on youtube so I don’t know if his profanity filled tirade (jump ahead to 1:15) actually went live on NBC.  But it was amusing to watch, especially since he has been an enabler of these events and racist cops for years.  Where was his anger then?

Ashley Babbitt was as unhinged as a kicked in capitol building door.  Her car video wasn’t so much a “rant” as it was speaking in tongues.

Watching her was like watching videos of the 9/11 hijackers shown after their suicide attacks.

The stupidity of the rioters was astounding.  Not wearing masks and exposing their faces is one thing.  But saying their names to the media?  Posting their actions on their own social media accounts?  Wearing name tags and other identifying items and clothes?  It is not “doxxing” if the public say, “Hey, I know that clown!  Call the FBI!”  That’s being as responsible as David Kaczynski turning in his brother for being the Unabomber.

The clowns actually believed they could get away with it and not face consequences.  Didn’t they learn anything from tiki torch fascists who lost their jobs and were arrested?

More below the fold.

Here are a few youtube vloggers I’ve been watching in recent months, aside from the usual US progressives:


The Rational National is a Canadian, so he has a very different take than those in the US.  Here’s his latest video, about Israel’s attempted genocide of Palestinians.  In the past and today, Israel has intentionally prevented medical supplies from reaching the Palestinian authority, killing untold people.  Under international law, as the occupying force Israel has a legal obligation to vaccinate Palestinians and is refusing to do so.  Destroying -75C refrigeration systems needed for the Pfizer isn’t beyond Bibi the Butcher’s capability.



Jesse Dollemore’s Dollemore Daily offers insightful and sane takes on current events.  His videos about a connection to one of the terrorists is amusing.



Farron Cousins has two channels, The Ring Of Fire and Farron Balanced and offers different takes on both channels.



  1. DonDueed says

    You might also like the YT channel “LegalEagle”. He’s done some great commentary since the election.

  2. Bruce says

    Only one insurrectionist was shot by the police. Another was crushed by the crowd, and two guys had a heart attack or stroke. Plus, one or two cops got possibly fatal injuries. But only that first woman literally was shot.
    Thanks for the links. David at The Rational National gives good analysis.

  3. jrkrideau says

    I must admit, as a Canadian, I did not grasp the issue of the Confederate Battle Flag in the US Capital until the Jesse Dollemore webcast.

    I mean to me, generally a flag is a flag. There is a parking lot across from one of my favourite restaurants that has been flying a Netherlands’ flag for years. Tant pis.