It’s Easy To Misconstrue: I don’t want to hear about a uniform that died

I don’t want to hear about a uniform that died.

Saying that does NOT infer I’m cheering the death of one cops or nor wanted to see more.  I’m saying the focus should be on the failures of those who knew about and failed to prevent stopped the insurrection, who refused to use force against white people.  Stop with the uniform worship and hold the cops and military accountable.  

The cops knew this was coming.

They WERE prepaped, contrary to what they say.  They were prepared to let it happen.

Never tolerate any claims of “nobody saw” this coming.  If the cops and government security didn’t have intelligence (*), they’re incompetent and should all be fired.  Who is so inattentive and inept not to expect a repeat of the terrorist attacks in Michigan last May?  (* Yes, we know they’re not intelligent.  I mean the informational sense.)

The cops at the capitol willingly let in the terrorists.

Multiple videos show cops intentionally opening doors, removing gates and letting the mob in.  When they did this, they became willing participants of the insurrection.

Firing the top cops isn’t enough.  The entire system is rotten to its core.  Removing one figurehead won’t change the attitudes of thousands of racist and fascist cops.  They know they can commit hate crimes  and violent crimes individually without consequences.  Pretending an “order from the top” makes a difference is naïve.

Maryland’s governor and the Pentagon refused to send in the national guard.

Maryland rep Steny Hoyer called the Maryland governor Larry Hogan, asking that he send help.  Hogan refused, saying he “needed authorization from the white house” to send the national guard.  In saying that, he’s pretending that Cheetolini wasn’t the source of the insurrection.  The pentagon said “it wasn’t necessary”, as if everything were under control.

Who at the pentagon gave the order to “stand back and stand by” while terrorists overran the building?  It’s a good thing the terrorists were spineless and put off by a little pepper spray.  If they had the courage, character and conviction of Black Lives Matter protesters who faced much worse, the US would be fascist dictatorship by now.

Pentagon, D.C. officials point fingers at each other over Capitol riot response

City officials here said it was the Pentagon that planned to keep the presence of National Guard troops at Wednesday’s pro-Trump rally small, unarmed and distant from the Capitol. But Pentagon officials said they were merely responding to the city’s wishes to “keep things de-escalated.”

A timeline released by the Pentagon late Friday says Capitol Police twice declined help from the Defense Department in the days prior to Jan. 6. But it also shows that when the city officials and the Capitol Police requested additional National Guard troops after rioters breached the Capitol, it took four hours for those troops to arrive.

On September 11, 2001, New York’s air traffic controllers ignored “protocol” about how to handle unresponsive planes.  They did not wait for “approval” like Hogan or the pentagon did.  Instead of calling the FAA or using “official channels”, they called the military directly and started landing planes without waiting for an order.  It turned out that military aircraft never intercepted any hijacked planes, and there may not have been any other planes in danger, but imagine if there were.  Waiting another hour for an order could have resulted in more hijackings, more crashes, more deaths.

There are times when you have to disobey orders, ignore rules, do your job, and not worry about potential consequences to yourself or your career, as the air traffic controllers in New York did.  Maryland’s governor and the US military abjectly failed in all those respects this week.  This is something they should lose their careers over.


  1. JM says

    I’m really not so sure about the National Guard in this situation. I understand what you are saying but part of me suspects that the DOD dithered on bringing in the National Guard until they could be sure that the unit wouldn’t side with Trump. I can just see the National Guard lined up to monitor the pro-Trump rally and Trump standing there and saying that as the Commander in Chief that the NG has to side with him. Even just a couple of individual guards joining with Trump’s goons and the situation would have been even worse.

  2. StonedRanger says

    @JM I dont know if you have ever been in the military, but your scenario is not a real one. Everyone in the military has an obligation to disobey unlawful orders. This is drilled into them. I could be wrong, but supporting insurrectionists, even at the order of the president, would be unlawful for them and they would be obligated to deny the presidents request. Their officers would be the first to say no to that. This is squarely on the shoulders of the DC police and the capitol police. They failed, dismally and should all be fired. The ones who helped should be lined up against a wall and shot. Thats how you treat traitors.

  3. JM says

    @StonedRanger It would be a matter of phrasing. Even Trump wouldn’t get good effect if he ordered the troops to invade Congress and disrupt the vote, which was the goal at minimum. However, if he orders the National Guard to escort and protect the people protesting for him then his order seems reasonable and lawful. At least up until the point they start breaking into the Senate building.

    All of this is fairly moot however. It’s become clear that Trump’s appointees at the DOD kept the National Guard out of things until too late. It wasn’t dithering by the DOD it was that they couldn’t get the orders to do anything until they went around Trump. And it appears they did that, with Pence and Pelosi authorizing their use.