Governor Approved: Why Ahmoud Arbery was murdered with impunity

As I’m sure all will have heard, Ahmoud Arbery was murdered by Gregory McMichael and his son Travis McMichael.  They saw a Black man alone in a public place, chased him down, shot and murdered him for absolutely no reason other than the colour of his skin.  They claimed they were “stopping a criminal” while inactuality the sought an excuse to commit a crime.

Equally appalling, the state of Georgia did nothing for two months, only arresting the murderers after a video came out and a public outcry forced them to act.  The cops and courts had zero intent of arresting the two let alone prosecuting.  As someone noted elsewhere:

They weren’t arrested because THEY (cops) saw the video.

They were arrested because WE (the public) saw the video.

As others have pointed out to me, the individual pictured (now below the fold) is James Stachowiak, not McMichael, which means there are two white racist “separated at birth?” scumbags out there.  And probably more.

Since the arrest, an interesting picture has turned up: George governor Brian Kemp and Gregory McMichael.  Maybe this explains why Kemp didn’t want cops to arrest them: he wants racists to roam free with impunity unless it’s politically embarrassing.


  1. says

    Just so you know, after people started sharing this it got confused.

    That’s not actually Gregory McMichael. It’s a different jerkface. The different jerkface is James Stachowiak.

    From Politifact:

    But the man who appears in the photo with Kemp is James Stachowiak, a man the Council on American-Islamic Relations called “a violent anti-Muslim extremist” when the group posted the image on Facebook in October 2018.

    So, yeah. Governor Kemp is in bed with racists, and he had his picture taken with a massive bigot (and despite Kemp’s denials that he couldn’t have known this person’s name and history and thus he couldn’t be culpable of any wrongdoing, one fucking look at the guy’s shirt tells you he’s a massive bigot, so fuck that excuse), but this particular picture isn’t of Kemp and the particular bigot that just got arrested.

  2. jrkrideau says

    I do not think you can discount the fact that McMichael Sr. was an ex-cop and the black man was running.

    Police, and presumably ex-police, are a bit like hounds. Anyone running away is prey. combine that with toxic racism and ….