The Broken Vows: The catholic cult pleads poverty when it’s time to pay up

The Rochester disease…I mean diocese…okay, the Rochester disease of the catholic cult is feigning bankruptcy in order to avoid paying compensation to victims of pedopriests. New York State’s one year “look back” period has begun, where there is no statute of limitations on sexual crimes commited by clergy.  From TIME:

A New York Diocese Filed for Bankruptcy Under the Weight of Sexual Misconduct Lawsuits. Will Others Follow?

The Roman Catholic Diocese of Rochester was the first in New York to seek bankruptcy protection under the weight of new sexual misconduct lawsuits, but lawyers and church leaders say it may not be the last.

All eight of the state’s Roman Catholic dioceses face financial pressures as a result of the state’s new Child Victims Act, which temporarily set aside the usual statute of limitations for lawsuits to give victims of childhood sexual abuse a year to pursue even decades-old claims.

More than 400 cases have been brought against the dioceses since Aug. 14, when the law’s one-year “look back” period for such suits began.

Representatives from the dioceses of Buffalo, Rockville Centre, Albany and Ogdensburg told The Associated Press they haven’t decided as they consult with legal, financial and insurance experts.

If the morally vacant vatican city in Rome controls and dictates individual diocese and parishes, can hold them responsible, then why does responsibility not go the other way?  If the dioceses and parishes send money to Rome, why is Rome being allowed to avoid making payments to victims of pedopriests?

The catholic cult has fleeced bilions from the gullible, claiming to be “church of poverty” doesn’t hold water.  (Only if they mean morally poor and bankrupt.)




  1. lorn says

    I’ll believe the poverty of the Catholic church when the pope delivers his next homily in Crocks, Rustlers and a cheap white T-shirt. As long he has funny hats to wear and a balcony to stand on they have resources enough to further compensate their victims.