cosas blasfemiosas

a lil googling shows me this would typically be cosas blasfemias en español, but i gotta be an extrañero in meiner eigener way.

this post will be written in a shorthand that i understand, but you may not.  it is for my own reference.

INSPIRY – Jupiter Ascending Blood Meridian Doowutchyalike Dune Heavenly Creatures IDK

____pope takes a nap___________who is she?_____________all is readied
_________bailar_______________les miserables________ich will kein engel sein
____josie war n peace__________freedom in exile___________punchin holes
______vatican hustle________directives and expletives_____prelude to starcrash
_____angels deserve___________pinochet’d ches________what god just did to us
_______creperie______________trouble in paradise__________in da cloughb
____voitures des anges___________get broke________________dad killlah
_____celestial bodies___________a crone alone______________rent is theft
______haunted sky____________psychic damage___________you’re nicked
______tower descent____________oubliette’d_____________commies hate you
______sensei sez______________out or in? sleep__________doctor thorazine
______taking over_____________uncounted sheep___________walmart sux
__but what does it mean?_____who let the dogs out?_________da crone fades
______the wall of ice____________alright it’s on___________commies makeup
__the flesh corrupts – la mujer_____rêve d’ange_____________doctor crepes
_____que es verdad?____________escapade_______________cuckoo flew
______sisters sisters___________an epic poem____________back in the vatican
_____________________________ladies’ night____________happy happy joy joy

you can easily enough guess what this is, but nuh sperlers, don’t think about it too hard.


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