Dreamposting – Learning to Fly

Had a dream lately where I, once again, remembered I can fly.  Some people asked me how and I showed them.  We flew around grubby slightly apocalyptic version of downtown Seattle a while.  In my flight dreams, I basically jump hard and follow it up by pushing my center of gravity in my preferred direction.  It has stops and starts like the swimming of jellyfish.  When you can fly, what’s it like?


  1. Trickster Goddess says

    I levitate off the ground to fly in my dreams. At first the lift was in my elbows and shoulders but over time it shifted towards my center of gravity. My earliest flying dreams were a bit frustrating as I couldn’t get much altitude and was always having to dodge telephone and power lines. I finally had a breakthrough one night and was soaring free in the sky. It was wonderful! Then I started worrying that all the people who hadn’t learned to fly would see me and be jealous and hate me. I looked down and saw that no one at all was looking up. They were all slogging through mud and looking at the ground.

    That was when I was a teenager. I am a prolific and vivid and occasionally lucid dreamer. Over the decades I have put in a lot of dream flight time and honed my skills. I have fine manoeuvrability: I can go fast, slow, hover up and down, and fly backwards or sideways. I have also used my internal propulsion ability for other things like piloting a kayak without a paddle.

  2. says

    When you can fly, what’s it like?

    I had to wear my motorcycle leathers and a full-face helmet, and it hurt my neck after a while. I was worried about bird impact. When I woke up I discovered I’d gotten my head cranked into some awkward position and that was probably where that came from.

  3. says

    TG – The power lines and such, I’ve definitely had that happen too. Interesting biz.

    MR – I like the imagery, that amuses.

    BR – I was thinking of Tom Petty actually, haha. Hey, you have the elevation issues as well. In this dream I was flying better than usual, but still only about telephone pole height or a little higher. Guess we should take lessons from TG.

  4. lakitha tolbert says

    The few times I dreamt of flying I don’t remember how I got in the air, I was just up there, really really high, and starting to feel a little sick. I hate heights so flying dreams arent exactly fun for me. I much prefer my ocean dreams, and I have even had a few where I can run really really fast like a small animal.

  5. says

    i can see how a fear of heights would change that, and it’s interesting your brain cooked up alternative types of “movement” dreams. i read jaws at a young age and mashed it up with the experience of being in a dark museum hall to where my aquatic dreams have generally been nightmares. plus i can’t swim.

  6. says

    @Great American Satan 5
    It’s an excuse to post my favorite song. I don’t if I’ve heard the Tom Petty song. I’ll check it out.

    In my first flying dream I used a coat hanger and a paper bag to make a hang glider.

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