“Mitch McConnell STFU” (Roy Zimmerman)

I know a thing or two about writing a lot of topical rhyming verse on deadline. Roy Zimmerman is taking it a step further and adding music; his newsletter today (what? You aren’t already receiving it? Sign up!) announces the beginnings of a Song of the Week for each week between now and the general election–34 new songs, 34 new videos by November 8! Below the fold, his first one, taking a quick look at how the GOP judiciary committee is “letting the people decide”.

One of the reasons I voted for Obama was precisely because I knew a SCOTUS justice could die on his watch. McConnell and the GOP goons are explicitly denying me what I voted for.


  1. lorn says

    The whole ‘let the people decide’ is just a cover for the reflexive obduracy of the GOP. Before he was even in office they had quite publicly announce that making Obama a one-term president was their main priority. Two wars under way at a smooth trillion dollar each, a banking collapse caused major depression, citizen losing homes to mortgage fraud, global warming, massive corruption, infrastructure at third-work levels, high unemployment, the people of this nation suffering horribly, and their singular priority is fucking over the black guy.

    I’m not much of an optimist but this time there might be some blow back. The GOP is clearly dysfunctional. Some people are starting to look more closely a that claim by Reagan that ‘government is the problem’. A few are getting the idea that perhaps it isn’t government, but rather Republicans in government that are the problem.

    This situation with the supreme court and the GOP very vocal and public refusal to even hold a hearing is throwing the idea of the GOP as the problem into sharp relief. Of course, it is now a toss-up. They have framed the situation and announced the ground they are going to fight on. Backing down now will highlight their previous decision to obstruct Obama even if it means the nation, and its citizenry, suffers. Failing to capitulate proves the same point in the present tense.

  2. moarscienceplz says

    Every Republican politician is a mass of pus and human feces molded into the shape of a human being, and everyone who votes for a Republican is a meatheat (including my sisters and their husbands),so I don’t really need any other reason to vote Dem., but yeah, SCOTUS is a pretty good reason.

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