Goodbye, Levon

Levon Helm has died. On’s “Sound Tracks”, there is an interview and a couple of videos from earlier this year. Makes me happy to see such music, and such happiness, so close to the end of his life; I have seen people his age (and younger) who seemingly lost any sort of enjoyment many years before death caught up with them.

Video of The Weight, after the jump, so you can see what I mean:

Watch Quick Hits: Levon Helm Performs “The Weight” on PBS. See more from Sound Tracks.


  1. timberwoof says

    I discovered The Band only about a decade ago, through the re-release of Martin Scorsese’s documentary “The Last Waltz” and through them gained a better appreciation of Bob Dylan.

    I was glad to read a few months ago that Levon Helm was still traveling with his stage show … seeing it was on my Bucket List.

    Now I am sad.

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