National “Ask An Atheist” Day

It’s National “Ask An Atheist” Day again… So, just what is it that atheists believe? I can answer for myself, anyway…

I believe in love and kindness
I believe in helping hands
I believe in strong opinions
I believe in taking stands
I believe cooperation
Overcomes the steepest odds
I believe we have a fighting chance

I don’t believe in gods.

I believe in education
I believe in learning science
I believe we see much further
When we climb atop of giants
I believe in writing poetry
And verses praising love
I believe that there are mysteries

But not a god above.

I believe in art and music
And the power of a voice
I believe in nature’s beauty
I believe we have a choice
I believe we have a future—
We’re in charge of how it looks—
I believe in sharing knowledge, too

But not in holy books

I believe we came from nothing
And to nothing we’ll return
I believe we don’t know everything
But much of it, we’ll learn
I believe we’re all connected
I believe all sorts of stuff
I believe we are humanity

And isn’t that enough?

I wrote this, over coffee, the morning of last year’s “National Ask an Atheist Day”, April 13th (it’s today, the 19th, this year).  It’s (obviously) a response to the ubiquitous comments in discussion threads everywhere–you may have seen them–alleging that “atheists believe in nothing, so why are they making a fuss?”  Or “atheists already have their symbol–nothing!” Or “it must be horrible to be an atheist and believe in nothing.”

And, frankly, those are the less depressing ones.  The ones that don’t assume I worship Satan, or hate everything and everybody, or see no value in life.


  1. Randomfactor says

    I believe that the scientific method is the best way we have to determine the nature of the universe. But I’d change that belief if someone presented enough evidence to the contrary.

  2. carpenterman says

    My standard response when people ask me what I believe is, “I try not to “believe” anything. I try to *know* things.”

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