Becoming An Atheist

You’ve started to question; the merest suggestion
Is making you queasy inside
The falsehood’s been busted; the people you trusted
To tell you the truth? Why, they lied!

You’re starting to find that you’re changing your mind
And it’s rapidly filling with doubts
You’ve opened your eyes, so it shouldn’t surprise,
Your religion is now on the outs

You’re feeling a hole where you once had a soul
Since you found it is all an illusion
Now the things that you feel have a difference—they’re real—
It was bound to create some confusion

In a bit of a lurch when you should be at church
You’ve instead got a morning of freedom
If it feels like a crime, you can donate your time
And your money to people who need ’em.

Or just lie there in bed, watching football instead
As reward for a busy week’s labors
Or make something to eat, for the house down the street
Cos it’s nice to be nice to your neighbors

If you’re feeling the loss of your crescent or cross
Which you wore round your neck every day
With your thoughts unconstrained, you’ll be freer unchained!
(Or you might try the atheist “A”)

When it’s time to go vote, though the church may promote,
Just ignore them and think for yourself
There is no need to look in a dusty old book
So the bible can stay on your shelf

As your freethinking world, like a flag that’s unfurled
Opens up to display all its glory
With your thinking now freed, look around you and read–
And the truth is a much nicer story

When you free up your thoughts from the church-imposed ‘oughts’
And insistance that free thought is sinning
The wonder around you may rightly astound you
And your new life is only beginning

Now with each passing day, old beliefs fade away,
And your new thoughts feel less and less odd
You’ll just go through your day in the usual way…
But no longer believe in a god.


  1. Badland, delurking for a bit says

    Really don’t know why I read your blog. It just makes me all mean an’ jealous that I can’t make words dance like this

  2. don't hate the primitives says

    It’s easy to protest the myriad who profess
    An adherence to some holy vibe
    But true wisdom is gained when the fact becomes plain
    That tales shared are what makes us a tribe

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