Ok, Now It’s Personal

The intimidatingly brilliant Scicurious has challenged (or been challenged? It’s all so hazy) the Cuttlefish readership, in the Donors Choose competition.

Pity her, but don’t act on that pity. Crush her, or let her readers help her. I know we can win–I know my readers. Remember (as per this post), number of donors is crucial, so even small donations are very welcome (and yes, huge donations will also be tolerated).

The stakes couldn’t be higher: bragging rights, and drinks. And Sci has fired the first shot. “May the best vertebrate win” indeed. Them’s fightin’ words.

A vain and a thoughtless Scicurious
Wrote verse, in attempting to worrious
Her rhyme and her meter
Are working to beat her
And teachers of English are furious


  1. says

    Ouch, that’s a mean little reply!
    I shall make no attempt to deny
    That my rhyme and my meter
    Are oft likely to teeter
    Be my versing attempts e’er so sly.

    But for insults I shall not stand!
    My blog readers are a great little band
    I have faith they will give
    and Sure as I do live
    my donors will be the most grand!


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