Worries about if she can manage well

Sexism? What sexism?

Via Twitter:

Daniel Singleton ‏@dasingleton Jun 6
Reviewer to my daughter-in-law: You have kids, give up on silly pursuit of science. #fuckthissexistshit

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Strong point
-The stay will significantly benefit both the candidate and the host unit.

Weak point
-Worries about if she can manage well between the work and the family.

I don’t see any sexism, do you see any sexism??


  1. iknklast says

    Sometimes I feel like sexism is getting worse, then I realized this is just the force of a powerful media tool. After all, I suffered a lot of this stuff in the past, but there was no place to publish it; it just happened, and everyone involved laughed it off (except me). Social media is allowing us to get attention for the ordinary, everyday sexism we’ve all lived so long. At least I feel less alone in it all.

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