Another Friday

For the fourth week, the Saudis have refrained from hitting Raif Badawi with a stick 50 times.

Saudi Arabia has again delayed a planned flogging of a blogger, according to a report from Amnesty International.

The Twitter account of the organization’s press office said Raif Badawi was spared a flogging today for reasons not yet known.

Not being able to get away with it without a lot of yelling and shouting, would be one big reason. The embassies would prefer a quiet life.

Via the Austrian Greens


  1. says

    Did our small bit to make noise across from the Saudi embassy here, yesterday. Not so many people showed up — it’s *cold* — but quite a few passing cars honked, and that has to be audible inside.

  2. Trebuchet says

    The bastards have got themselves in a bit of a bind. Tough. They’ll keep on not-flogging, hoping the storm blows over. But the chance of them EVER letting him go alive is nil.

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