The plot twist

There’s a compilation of scathing reviews of the new “Left Behind” [shudder] movie.

There’s one funny line.

“The running time is spent avoiding religion to such a loony extent that no one explains that this mass vanishing is God’s work until the film is nearly over. It’s almost as though screenwriters Paul Lalonde and John Patus believe people might buy a ticket to Left Behind and not know the twist, like someone sitting down to watch Godzilla and being shocked by the entrance of a giant lizard.” —The Village Voice

That’s one movie I will not be seeing, not nohow.


  1. machintelligence says

    I made the mistake of taking a free copy of the book to the airport for light reading. Bad mistake. It made the time pass more slowly. Since the book was so bad I had hopes that the movie might be an improvement. Oh well…

  2. Lady Mondegreen (aka Stacy) says

    I checked the book out of the library and read some of it, a few years back. I found it mildly funny in that way that utterly failed attempts at art and literature can be funny. But it wasn’t Ed Wood-level great bad. There’s nothing sincere or ambitious in it at all. After a while it was just dull, and I lost interest entirely.

  3. Al Dente says

    like someone sitting down to watch Godzilla and being shocked by the entrance of a giant lizard.

    You could have put a spoiler warning on this.

  4. Donnie says

    Reminds me of a political type of cartoon, the two adults were standing in line to a newly released movie, “The Titanic”. One adult asks the other, “I wonder how the movie will end after the Titanic sinks?”

    The teenagers behind the adults, “Thanks for spoiling the ending Mister/Ma’am!”

  5. Jenora Feuer says

    Fred Clark at the Slacktivist has a few of these:

    Journalists, after all, rarely take anything on faith.

    Instead, we tend to ask a lot of questions. For example, what has gone so horribly wrong in Cage’s career that he is forced to accept any paycheck that comes his way?

    Babies disappear on flying planes and parents object, but don’t tear around the aisles screaming or, say, look under the seats. People suddenly reveal themselves behind curtains to have Xanax-calm conversations. …

    That lack of concern for the way people actually interact renders the film useless as entertainment, or as a conversion tool.

    Fred also posted an image from the original Star Trek pilot, and captioned it ‘The Cage, without Kirk’.

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