Frivolous interlude

There’s a big apartments plus shops complex being built in the middle of the main shopping eating gathering street of my neighborhood. It’s getting the finishing touches now; a few weeks ago the decorative bits in front were installed. One such bit is Boomer.

Towne sign and puppy

Boomer is the work of Georgia Gerber. Boomer absolutely cracks me up because look.

Cooper Mag BlvdThat’s Cooper age 9 weeks. Do admit.


  1. says

    Decker, there is.

    I was with Cooper the first time I saw Boomer, which must have been very soon after he was installed, because there were project manager types standing around with clipboards admiring him. I burst out laughing when I saw him and ambled over to admire, and the manager types laughed too and said “Is that the model?”

  2. Omar Puhleez says

    This sort of public bronze is a great idea, and seems to abound in the US. I saw quite a bit of it when I was in Colorado.

  3. wannabe says

    I fear a lot of people (kids, mostly) will try to kick that ball.

    I’d be tempted myself.

  4. alanjpartridge says

    Cooper is ugly. They should have modelled Arnie, a dog way better than Coop. Arnie would beat Cooper any day.

  5. embertine says

    OMG Ophiiiiieeeeee, Arnie could beat up Coopeeeerrrrr… IN THE CUTE OLYMPICS!!!

    I bet Abbie’s dad could totes beat up your dad too. And probably her hair is shinier. Or something. I don’t really know how this is supposed to work.

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