Let’s mock the enslaved Nigerian schoolgirls!

Oh, ew. Right-wing creeps have been mocking the hashtag campaign #BringBackOurGirls…right because trying to help draw attention to some two or three hundred kidnapped and enslaved schoolgirls is such great comic material.

Ann Coulter is one.

She tweeted:

My hashtag contribution to world affairs … pic.twitter.com/Wkb8ozYZFC

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Golly. What a hateful piece of shit.


  1. Zee Low Brown says

    I made the terrible mistake yesterday of clicking a facebook link that seemed to have some positive news about the Nigerian girls.

    The first article – the one that made me click – was typical click bait with nothing positive about it.

    The next few news links were all right wing nutjobs claiming the abduction of the Nigerian girls was fabricated to draw attention away from how bad Obama is. One person even raised the subject of the movie “Wag the Dog”.

  2. Al Dente says

    Hey Coulter, it’s my country too and I don’t care for what you and your fellow haters want to do with my country.

  3. Ed says

    Weird. I’d have thought that this would be one of the handful of issues where conservatives would be grudgingly on the side of good or at least against evil because it would give them a chance to play the game of more anti-Islamic than thou. Not that I’m defending Islam, but for conservatives Islam is the all encompassing excuse for imperialism and perfect fodder for superiority propaganda.

    If this propaganda went something like politicized Islam is the cause of much violence and human misery and should be opposed in favor of progressive, modern values, I would agree with it. But we often see the right try to sneak a ride on the back of progressivism while simultaneously promoting their reactionary agenda.

    As much as I can follow the “logic” without my head exploding, it is usually like this.
    –Look, a bunch of Muslim fanatics are forcing their religion on people, opressing women, banning books, stoning people who have sex in a way they disapprove of, buying slaves and generally carrying on like we’re still in the tenth century. Doesn’t this make you mad?

    Up to this point,I’m with them, but then………

    –You know why they do these things? Because they’re different from us good Christians. You know who else is different? Liberals to start with! Especially If they’re atheists! —

    This leaves us with a false choice of one theocracy or another.

    Usually, the expansion of Jihadism and Sharia is one of the legitimate concerns they hide behind. To be fair, liberals and progressives often play into it by being afraid to take a strong stance against oppression when committed in the name of Islam.

    For the right wing to belittle the victims of Islamic extremists rather than appropriating their suffering surprises me. I was expecting a “this terrible thing wouldn’t have happened if we were in charge” kind of thing like Bush would have done.

  4. theoreticalgrrrl says

    I really didn’t think anyone could actually stoop this low. Silly me.

  5. leni says

    I really hope there’s a “my patronus is dementor” in there somewhere lol.


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