Despised among mainstream Muslims

The Islamist blog 5Pillarz has another reactionary bullying post about Maajid Nawaz.

After posting a caricature of Prophet Muhammad and Prophet Isa (peace be upon them) on Twitter last week, I can confidently say that the heat is now on Maajid Nawaz, writes Dilly Hussain.

Aw, that’s why understanding syntax comes in so handy. Whoever wrote that subhead managed to say that Dilly Hussain posted a caricature of Mo and Jesus on Twitter last week, which is clearly not what was intended.

It was only a matter of time before the founder of the despised (among mainstream Muslims) Quilliam Foundation was going to pull a stunt like this to gain brownie points among his secular liberal fan base.

Ain’t that typical? Bullying via “mainstream” claims.

They really ought to think twice about that, the zealots. We keep being told that most Muslims are not literalist fundamentalist theocratic shits, but when the literalist fundamentalist theocratic shits keep insisting that they’re mainstream and the reasonable liberal types are fringe – well they’re not doing their fellow-Muslims any favors.

But this time he has taken his bitter and revolting views too far and angered Muslims on an unprecedented scale, at the same time risking his position as Prospective Parliamentary Candidate (PPC) for the Liberal Democrats.

His “bitter and revolting views” – that the god of his Islam is big enough not to be bothered by a satirical cartoon? That’s bitter and revolting?

At the time of writing this article, the petition calling for the removal of Nawaz as PPC for Hampstead and Kilburn had exceeded well over 13,000 in 48 hours, whilst a counter petition led by Chris Moos of London School of Economics (LSE) just about reached 3000.

So we should conclude from that that the zealots outnumber the liberals?

No, more likely we should conclude from that that zealots by their nature are more likely to get worked up than liberals are. That can be a great flaw in liberalism, of course, in that it often allows zealotry to defeat liberalism.

[T]he overwhelming majority of Muslims have supported the petition out of genuine disgust and offence over the dishonouring of Allah’s (swt) prophets, and remained relatively calm in their responses on social media among Nawaz’s cyber entourages. The likes of the National Secular Society, Council of Ex-Muslims and British Muslims for Secular Democracy, are just waiting to pounce on emotional reactions by Muslims to rally their cause of nifaq.

So even British Muslims for Secular Democracy are the enemy? Really? So 5Pillarz is frank about preferring authoritarian theocracy?

Well at least we know where we are.



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