A comrade needs help

Some of you are in Spain, and thus probably know other people in Spain, and others of you not in Spain might still know people in Spain. Maybe you know someone who can offer Michael Dickinson a spare room or a flat empty during vacation or similar.

Here’s what Torcant Torcant told me:

Do you remember Michael Dickinson, the British collage artist that lives in Turkey? I remember you blogging about him in 2009 – I know it’s been a long time.

Back in 2009:

1. He was sued for insulting Turkish PM with a jail sentence prospect 2. The court acquitted him 3. The case went to the high court and the high court overturned the case 4. He was re-tried and found guilty but the jail sentence was suspended with the condition that he shouldn’t commit the same “crime” again
About 10 days ago, he was arrested for some anti-government protest he made in public, stayed in a hellish immigrants prison for 10 days, then he was deported. Moreover was banned to re-enter Turkey for 5 years.
He was offered a choice between Britain or Spain. He chose Spain and he was loaded in a plane to Barcelona. He is now staying in a cheap hostel in Barcelona with a backpack that holds whatever is left of all his belongings, just 200 Euros and no source of income.
He badly needs help. He can be contacted at michaelyabanji@gmail.com

I thought if you write about this maybe someone can at least offer him a temporary roof.


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    My best recommendation is that he or someone contact the MACBA, the contemporary art museum and cultural center in Barcelona.

    He could also try contacting the International Writers Project at Brown University or Scholars at Risk. They don’t deal with visual artists but might be able to help him to find contacts and support.

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    I am based in Benidorm on the Costa Blanca and have just emailed him saying I can offer him accomodation.
    Barry Duke, editor, The Freethinker (www.freethinker.co.uk)

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