Leo Igwe on The Story

This is exciting. A few weeks ago I got an email from a producer at National Public Radio’s The Story; she wanted to be put in touch with Leo Igwe. And so –


Leo on NPR’s The Story.

When Leo Igwe was a child living in Nigeria, he saw his father beaten after being accused of witchcraft. Accusations of witch craft run rampant in many parts of western Africa, and Igwe has made it his life’s work to bring attention to the problem. Many of those accused of witchcraft find refuge in “Witch Camps,” which offer safety after an accused individual has been ousted from a community. Igwe has visited camps in Nigeria and northern Ghana and tells host Dick Gordon what life is like inside them.

This is great, because it will inevitably get Leo more support for his work.



  1. ewanmacdonald says

    That is harrowing, but also great that Leo is getting more exposure. He’s doing superb work.

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