1. jose says

    So a political enemy has gotten a fake twitter account impersonating her for ridiculing purposes. Should sound familiar. However I think this one will be celebrated instead of blocked because of who the target is.

  2. lpetrich says

    I’ve found that rather typical of trolls. They consider it a terrible wrong to be kept away from their targets by banning them and blocking them and the like.

    Even worse, some of the trolls I’ve run into are rather far from the stereotype of adolescent social misfits, even though I’ve known some other trolls that fit. It’s remarkable to discover what some trolls’ real-life careers are.

  3. says

    Sili, the target of the parody account is one of the most virulent on-line haters of trans* women, who has repeatedly litigated against and revealed the identities of many trans feminists. She also runs a variety of blogs and tumblers which promote the usual trans-exclusionary radical feminist hatred against trans* people. It’s a testament to her viciousness that her most common hate account on Twitter is amongst the Block Bot’s level 1 blocks.

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