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The greetings committee has certainly wasted no time making our new colleague Yemi welcome. She wrote a post on What are Anti-Atheists+ afraid of? and along came Damion Reinhardt and “pitchguest” and john greg to respond.

john greg is as shy and sweet as ever.

Yemisi, you are indeed a perfect fit with FfTB. Dogmatic; poor English skills; poor reading comprehension; vigourous defensive posture; misrepresentation of commentor’s comments.

Yes, you will do well on this dying network of mad ideologues.

Thank you so much, and do you want the casserole dish back?



  1. Maureen Brian says

    Poor lads! Their thinking skills are so attenuated with all the bigfoot hunting / Randi worship that they don’t know when they are beaten.

    And another cheer for Yemi who seems to be a match for the entire tribe of blowflies.

  2. says

    “poor English skills”. gotta love that one, especially after he fucks up the previous sentence. (it’s “a fit for”, not “a fit with”, despite what the internet seems to think :-p )

  3. says

    They’ve outdone themselves there… Stunningly awful even for the Slymepit, that’s saying something. Yemmy has handled them brilliantly.

    PG calls this “angry” from Yemmy…

    @pitchguest: I could ask you right now why you are being so silly, but then I wouldn’t expect a coherent response from you. I could go ahead to educate you on why even a bit of assumption on your part that I was ignorant of the things that gave birth to Atheism plus and the events surrounding it, even though I have written and made video on it, is itself a very silly assumption, but I doubt if it would be worth the effort. Of course I could go ahead to ask you why even though you realized your assumption was wrong, you still chose to continue with your silliness, but I doubt if you would be honest enough to stop the silliness just because I pointed it out to you.

    Hmm emotive words in there..silly…ignorant…silly…wrong…silliness…silliness

    PG’s response?

    Are you always this defensive? What’s with the overly aggressive tone? Seriously. I made a mistake and I gave you what I thought was some friendly advice, and you go off on me as if I just insulted your mother. I clarify my position, and again it’s as if I just commited some cardinal sin. Did I insult you? Have I offended you in any way? I am very, very sorry. Truly I am. Now can you please calm the fuck down so we can have a fucking conversation?

    Yeah mate, I think we can see who is the angry one at not getting the level of deference expected for his condescending bullshit.

  4. says

    well d’uh. she’s being uppity with him. how dare she.

    it’s like they decided to do new readers a favor and demonstrate the silliness Yemisi was writing about. Honestly though, I have the suspicion their biggest problem with her is that she bursts their favorite narrative about A+/FTB/Skepchick, namely that it’s all just a bunch of noise from white, middle-class American feminist faux-activists who wouldn’t know genuine social problems if they bit them in the face.

  5. says

    I noticed the usual mould spores trying to colonise a new space. It’s a ritual they seem to enact every time there’s a new blog over here.

    This really should be part of the FtB Bloggers’ Induction Package: ‘Along with interested readers and commenters from other FtB blogs, you may reasonably expect to have the seriously unpleasant commenters from the slyme pit attempt to ingratiate themselves on your first substantial thread. The superficiality of their welcome is to some degree measurable by the speed with which they will revert to personal attacks when they don’t get what they want – uncritical reception of their trolling and bad faith argumentation.’

  6. says

    I wouldn’t be at all surprised if the Pit Welcome Wagon was rolled out solely in order to provoke a reaction which can then be flown via pit-pigeon back to HQ where it’s stuck on the noticeboard as evidence: “Look how irrational and emotional and ad-hominemy they get when you insult their intelligence and assume they’re nothing but naive, ignorant, bandwagon-jumping pawns!*”

    *”And say things that aren’t entirely true! And misrepresent events! And mischaracterise perpetrators as victims! And tolerate MRAs! And endlessly target and monitor known “enemies” who’ve since stopped paying us any attention!”

  7. Stacy says

    Hmm emotive words in there..silly…ignorant…silly…wrong…silliness…silliness

    PG’s response?

    Are you always this defensive? What’s with the overly aggressive tone?

    Hahaha! That made my night.

    Yemmy handed them their asses, all right.

  8. Ulysses says

    Both Pitchguest and John Greg went out of their way to be condescending and patronizing and were amazed that Yemi wasn’t impressed. Pitchguest made it obvious he had neither watched Yemi’s video nor read her post before he deigned to post his arrogance.

    Now Edward Gemmer is complaining that A+ is racist because some people at Pharyngula weren’t impressed he was in a racially mixed marriage. No, it doesn’t make sense to me either.

  9. says

    Little experiment, see what the first interaction in a post is like for each pitter I can identify. Comment overall on how the exchange(s) go on the post. Ally vs Yemmy… I may miss pitters as I’m out of date on who posts there. Apologies for long post… Ophelia could be deleting my well thought out comment and creating a new butthurt obsessed Brit here 😉


    Intro Post
    – PG, “amusing” comment
    – Metalogic42, pally hello
    – Tigzy, appreciative of Edward Woodward joke
    – John Welch, one word, wut?
    – John Greg, respectfully asks about commenting rules
    – Lsuoma, friendly hello
    – Skep Tickle, nice welcome, alludes to “outsider” status
    – Damion, welcome and back stabbing about squabbles
    – Renee Hendricks, enthusiastic welcome
    Little banter between pitters and PG/Morales but all fairly friendly

    Global Inc post
    – Theetar, respectful confusion, very friendly reply to answer
    – Damion, “it seems”, not a condescending statement
    – Steersman, “nice analogy” kick off… Engage bloviating mode for rest of post. Civil bloviating.
    – Metalogic, very civilly made point, told he misunderstood, takes it very well
    – John Greg, civil exchange while disagreeing
    Little spat between John Greg and skockna, doesn’t get too rude.

    White society post
    – spacklick, respectfully made point
    – john greg, respectful, civil
    – PG, animated, lots of “if we are”… Where’s the condescension! Tries argument with Morales, loses at maths, badly, no response.
    No real antagonism detected

    Empathy Post
    – Steersman, straight into civil bloviating.
    – PG, pretty normal assholery aimed at me

    Where are the pitters? Apart from Steers vast word count they have all gone after the initial excitement in the intro… Did Ally not provide what they are looking for!


    Intro Post,

    Why I am an atheist post,

    Debunking homosexuality myths posts,

    Her book post,

    What are anti-A+ ppl afraid of post,
    – Damion, helpful links to why A+ is awful, condescention about emotion on A+ forum
    – PG, condescention dialled up to 11, poison the well for poor old oolon [wah]
    – Camomile Lox, weird and vague as usual
    – johngreg, denying hate and tantrums exist, feigns ignorance

    Pitter interaction goes downhill faster than Eddie the Eagle on meth. PG “apologises” for being patronising in an incredibly patronising post. Damion dials up the condescention about Yemmy’s experience on the A+ forum *without* asking what experience she has! PG carries on his act to the end of the thread so far.

    Is the A+ label confusing post,
    – Phil Giordiana, civil comment. [Shows how much use “civility” is]
    – Thetar, elides the pit in a drive by comment

    Phil G, goes on to talk past Vall who tries to engage with him. Ignores me as he is toeing the pit line of oolon=troll. He gets steadily less civil as the thread progresses.

    Mother Nature poetry post,
    – tigzy, troll on!
    – Lsuoma, not at all civil, bad pit mod!
    – Skep Tickle, not civil, looking for pit memes about how awful Yemmy is already
    – johngreg, demented rant
    – theetar, rude, off topic pot shot at A+ with extremely tenuous link

    Is there anything to conclude from this… All the pittizen comments direct to Ally were nice hellos or respectful disagreement, just what the pit always engages in right?

    No as Yemmy apparently didn’t have the whiff of Heteronormative Patriarchy that Ally could muster [*for men* only, amirite?] so got no friendly or even unfriendly hellos. First interactions from the pitters with Yemmy were them being condescending assholes and it managed to go downhill from there somehow. Really amazed at how transparent the pit has been here, you’d think they’d get better at keeping the veneer of respectability polished over time. Damion is not doing his job as the bright eyed “reasonable” face of the pit, get a new head of PR lads.

  10. says

    ** Correction, should mention Yemmy got ONE welcome from Phil G in his first comment. Before he launched into a load of disingenuous bull about how awful A+, and misrepresenting Carrier, hating on the mods and Setar, usual anti-A+ propaganda.

  11. A Hermit says

    Nice job Oolon; I saw a couple of comments that led me to believe the `pitters were all excited by Ally’s recruitment here because he said “twat” once on Twitter and they thought that meant he was on their side.

    I think they are in for a surprise…

  12. says

    I blogged about it in a little more detail, with visual word clouds of the respective “contributions” from the anti-FTB/A+ lot… One thing I added there is a bit about how them building their “FfTB” narrative fits into the uniform approach. @A.Hermit, interesting you say that as while they “ridicule” FTBs as a “hivemind” its very telling how a bunch of people that hang out at a forum dedicated to hating FTBs have the same reaction more often than not. Sitting on the same thread reading and throwing inane hate at each other all day means they end up in tight formation. From the raids into a blog post that offends them or is deemed troll-worthy to the opinions and attitude they express.

    They take their cues from each other and react to FTB material and bloggers in unison, the number of times anyone their side deviates from the approved narrative is miniscule. Ironic that this side is the “circle jerk” and “hivemind”, the evidence weighs heavily the other way IMO.

  13. jagwired says

    I’m reminded of Deacon Duncan’s gypsy curse:

    It’s like a scene from an old B-grade black-and white horror flick: Jesus is walking down some dank alleyway in Jerusalem and carelessly bumps into an old gypsy woman, knocking her in the mud and muck, and then thoughtlessly laughing at her misfortune. Her deepset eyes blaze, and she scowls at him. “A curse upon you,” she mutters. “From now on, your followers and supporters will be unable to accuse their critics of any fault or fallacy without being guilty of the same thing themselves.” He, like all B-grade movie heroes, doesn’t take her seriously until her curse starts coming true. Only then does he realize, to his horror, that the curse is inexorable, inescapable, and infallible.

    Just replace Jesus with Brave Hero or Slime Pitter and it applies perfectly to the hypocrites complaining about “hive minds” and harsh responses to their patronizing bullshit. How full of iron is it to tell Yemi she needs to do some research when the douchebag admits he never read the complete blog post or watched her video?

  14. Stacy says

    Oolon, I linked to your comment #3 over at Yemmy’s place. I doubt PG will learn anything, but hey, it might make his head explode, and that would be entertaining.

  15. says

    Yet another (possible) “English skills” mistake (unless john gregg assumes there will be only a single commentator) – commentator’s should be commentators’.

  16. says

    @Stacy, lol 🙂

    But I doubt even an explosion would get anything through that thick skull, the mouse-hat is lined with adamantium!

  17. daniellavine says

    Now Edward Gemmer is complaining that A+ is racist because some people at Pharyngula weren’t impressed he was in a racially mixed marriage. No, it doesn’t make sense to me either.

    Oh, I saw that thread. It was about the issue where a white father at a hospital “specified” that no black nurses should be allowed anywhere near his wife or infant daughter and the hospital put a note about it in the woman’s chart.

    Gemmer claimed it wasn’t racist and he knows that because his girlfriend is black and she said it wasn’t racist. Because all people subjected to racism always agree on what is or isn’t racism and there isn’t any room for interpretation whatsoever.


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