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    See: end of first paragraph on Shunning article

    The latter were just like aliens from another planet. When child inmates dared to look back at them sitting in their personal convent chapel pews, with black hooded heads completely hidden and matching black gown trails sprawling all over the aisles

    I still get very panicky when I see women – in close proximity on a bus – who have their faces all covered up. It’s obviously a throw-back from the past to when punishment was meted out to child inmates, who had the temerity to look behind them at the hooded nuns in the Goldenbridge convent chapel pews. So weird! So at odd with human nature! So demeaning to women who felt & feel compelled to dress in this way to honour only their seen & unseen masters.

    The practice of ‘veiling’ within Catholicism has largely died out since post Vatican II. Gott Sei Dank!

    Here are some samples of ‘veiled Catholic nuns’ I came across on the Internet.

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