1. Smudge Martens says

    The ugly reality is that the atheist movement has degenerated into a compartmentalized, self-congratulatory, second-rate celebrity cult.

    Little more than real-time blogging of trivial nonsense, exclusive high visibility conferences and daily lunches and drinks with the bright and the beautiful – all the while recalling pithy quips … Oh I love Rebecca, she’s so funny.

    Keep up the relevant and hard hitting posts. Out here in the rank-and-file we’re so jealous that you get to be you.

    Truth Matters! – not trivia and personality. Who are you and what have you done to Ophelia?

  2. Bruce Gorton says

    Smudge Martens

    Leo Igwe is noted for his work with regards to saving child witches from witch hunters in Nigeria. For his work fighting for human rights in Nigeria, he has been attacked and faced arrest by the Nigerian government.

    He marries unflinching courage to unyielding ethics, all under a sense of humour that attests his sense of humanity.

    The world has relatively few real heroes, and he is one of them. Ophelia’s squee is well placed.

  3. Smudge Martens says

    That’s the kind of dogmatic response I would expect from the celebrity culture. You assumed my ignorance of Mr. Igwe’s work, so like a bible thumping believer you lectured me on content instead of context.

    Read the post, there wasn’t a disparaging word regarding Mr. Igwe. Face it, Ophelia has been sucked into the celebrity cult
    (Anderson Coooooooooooper, Squeeeeeeeee!, real-time posts full of needless vulgarity and trivial self centered observations.)

    It’s time to move onto fresh, ego-free free philosophers like Portland State’s Peter Boghossian.

  4. Bruce Gorton says

    Smudge Martens

    And I will be sure to remember what you say here, when you are about to meet someone you greatly admire and feel excited about it.

  5. Smudge Martens says

    Again, non-responsive. I’ve commented on the continuing degradation of the quality of the posts at Butterflies and Wheels and you continue to obsess with this specific post.

    It’s depressing to see how many self-styled skeptics are really no different than dogmatic Christians – always ready to “lie for Jesus” to defend what they see as the greater good.

    Please enjoy the new world of celebrity atheists – I’m moving onto blogs where critical thinking and constructive criticism (especially of fellow atheists) is the golden rule.

  6. says

    You’re leaving?! But we were only just getting to know you! You’ve never commented here before, and you made your debut in order to tell me how sucky it all is – and now already you’re slipping away? How will we be able to go on?

    It’s true that posts were mostly short on substance for a few days, but that’s because I was busy. Once in a great while that happens. Life is harsh.

  7. says

    No but really – that’s hilarious. It’s “non-responsive” to reply to a comment on this post by talking about this post. Talking about this post is “continuing to obsess” about this post.

    And more seriously – Leo is not a celebrity in any normal sense. One small contribution to the general good that I can make is to try to make his work more widely known, and I think I’ve done that a little. I’m excited that he’ll be at TAM partly because that indicates his work is getting better known, and will continue to get better known. That is a good thing!! It means he will probably get more funding, which will mean he will be able to do more of the desperately needed work he’s doing.

    Why the FUCK is that something to sneer at?

  8. Art says

    Leo Igwe is not a saint and we do not worship him. His bravery and fortitude deserve celebration. He has, at considerable risk to himself, fought the good fight to advance social justice and human rights in very difficult circumstances. His action are both example and inspiration.

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