1. Cuttlefish says

    The video is even better–I saw it on TV, though–I’m sure it’s online, but I have not looked for it. Deserves Yakkity Sax behind it.

  2. GordonWillis says

    I gather they do this every year. It’s reassuring to know that fellow Christians maintain the ancient tradition of peace on earth to men of good will in baby Jesus’s very birthplace. Peace on earth, and mercy mild…[sigh]. Finally it becomes clear that the date of Christmas really can be determined in a truly Christian manner. Thus do the men of God set before us an example worthy to be receiv…

    But no! wait!!…didn’t he say something about bringing not peace but a sword? And they’re using [gasp] broomsticks!!! Heresy!!! Not even so much as a beaten ploughshare!!! Truly is it said the heart of the foolish doeth not so!!! I’m truly shocked. Shocked!!! This is deeply, deeply wrong!!!! Antichrist…Armageddon…The mountains are falling on us!!! Aaargh!!!!!

  3. Stewart says

    I notice the narration on the Reuters clip refers to them as “holy men,” no doubt on account of their behaviour. I linked to something more appropriate on FB Gnu Atheism (plus another little discovery related to the “shiksa on the bus”).

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