My favorite Seattle coffee spots

It’s time for a coffee break!

I wish it were intraveniously. Also, I love how that cartoon looks like me! Well, as much as a stick figure can look like someone. (Can anyone let me know the source? A friend sent it along and I’d like to give proper attribution to the artist).

Anyway, I figure instead of just telling you how I’m nursing a mocha, I’d share with you my favorite Seattle coffee spots around the city:

1. Bauhaus (Capitol Hill): This is definitely number one. I almost always get mochas, and they make the best. They have the perfect creamy texture, a delicious coffee taste, and not an overwhelming amount of chocolate. I love working and blogging there, since it’s the coziest environment with great music (and is conveniently by my apartment).

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2. Cafe Vita (Fremont): Also delicious and cozy. One of their shops is conveniently by my boyfriend’s place (though they have more around the city), so that’s where I currently refueled:

3. Cafe Solstice (U District): When I want good coffee while at work, this is my go-to place. I’d go there more frequently but I’m usually too lazy to walk up the Ave, so I settle for the crappy coffee that I can conveniently get in the cafe within my building. I did a lot of General Exam studying in here.

4. The Muddy Cup (Wallingford): I used to live right by this place, and spent a good chunk of last year’s Blogathon there. I love how cozy it is, and the owner is super nice. My favorite thing to get there is their Endless Iced Coffee – the ice cubes are made of coffee, so it really does last forever as it melts!

If you’re a Seattleite, what’s your go-to coffee place?

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  1. Sandiseattle says

    My seattle coffee, sadly usually starbucks, when I can even afford it (no EBT accepted there, sad.)

  2. James McCann says

    Vivace is the best coffee shop in Seattle:

    They have a couple of locations (one of them is a sidewalk stand) on Broadway and one in south Lake Union (near the REI). The sit-down spots each have a quiet room which I appreciate.

    No other coffee shop I am aware of comes close to making coffee of their quality or consistency.

  3. Eric RoM says

    Diva’s/Greenwood, which is great and convenient, and not so damned uptight as Herkimers. (Which resembles a laptop retailer. :P And get some damned cushions for your benches.)

    And as for a brand: Cafe D’Arte is my fav roast, so if I’m away from my homebase, I look for a place that serves that.

    We ARE the center of the coffee universe.

  4. Sophie Lagacé says

    Caffe Ladro, 13 locations throughout the area (mine was 108 Union St, downtown) ( — delicious mochas, friendly and skilled baristas.

    Wayward Coffeehouse, 6417 Roosevelt Way NE #104, Seattle WA ( — Very geek-friendly. Vegan, alas, but still good.

    Cupcake Royale, 2052 Northwest Market Street, Seattle, WA in Ballard ( — Serving fantastic cupcakes and Cafe Verite coffee.

  5. dreamwaffles says

    Caffe Senso Unico, on Olive just across from Pacific Place. I’ve been going there since it was Torre Facione (I have nooo idea how to spell it, but it was pronounced ‘futs-ay-oh-nay’). The owner, Mario, is an incredibly nice Italian guy who rents a TV every year to show the World Cup games. also, their hot chocolate is beyond amazing.

  6. Jes says

    Joe Bar, at 810 East Roy Street. As much for the crepes as the coffee, because the crepes are rockin’ the delish.

  7. says

    One of the best as far as places to work is chocolati in greenwood. Very quiet during the day, and the staff is super nice.. doesn’t hurt that they have really good chocolates.

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